Top 4 Teeth Whitening Kits

What Teeth Whitening Kit Should I Buy?

If you have been considering whitening your teeth, you will no doubt have found a massive amount of products all claiming to give you that ‘Hollywood Smile’.. It can be confusing deciding which one to buy –

  • Which kits actually work?
  • Are they safe?
  • What kits give best value for money?

Hopefully we can help you as we have spent the past two years testing and reviewing these products and have formulated our list of the four home teeth whitening kits we feel to be the most effective and value for money.

  #1  Dental White By Smile4You              

Officially Approved

smile4you-dental-white-kitsDental white was the first kit of its kind, developed in the USA by one of their top Hollywood Dentists over 20 years ago, Dental White is the only kit in the world to have full FDA approval.

Since its launch it has become the worlds best selling teeth whitening kit, with millions of satisfied customers and many professional dentists actually using the kit in surgery.

Dental White is one of the only home peroxide based kits that Complies With Recent EU rulings as the product is both made and supplied by a dentist.

Using a carbamide Peroxide gel at a safe and approved 16% strength, this kit provides all users need to whiten their teeth by up to 11 shades of white in about 14 days without the risk of sensitivity associated with stronger gels.

Dental White also contains the largest amount of Gel provided by any other kit, this is enough for over 200 treatments.

Prices start from  £26.99 with several optional packages available that will speed and enhance your whitening experience. All orders have the protection of a 14 Day cash back guarantee.

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 #2 Mint Cosmetics

Fast Working

Regretfully Mint Cosmetics Have discontinued their Kit – Its actually a real shame as it was really good!

As An Excellent  Alternative We Do Recommend The Kit Made By UK Based Smile4YOU


The new Kid on the block, until recently, the kits supplied by Mint  Cosmetics were mainly to be found in Beauty Salons, now available for  purchase online , the Mint kit is actually one of a kind – instead of following the lead set by other kits, Mint uses a different whitening gel in Sodium Perborate at a dentist grade strength

Fully EU Approved and using the same gel that is used by many dentists – Mint Cosmetics claim that their kit will whiten teeth some 4 times faster than other kits.

This high quality kit is supplied in a really nice presentation box which will make an excellent gift. buyers also get a long 14 day cash back guarantee and instructions in both written form and on a DVD.

Fully Guaranteed With a lengthy cash back guarantee, prices for Mint cosmetic teeth whitening kits start at £19.99 with the top of the range full kit costing £44.99


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#3  Zero Peroxide

Non Peroxide – EU And UK Approved

zero peroxide

Zero Peroxide is the UK’s best selling peroxide free teeth whitening kit.

Discomfort Free Teeth Whitening

Using an approved 100% safe and legal peroxide free gel comprising Sodium Bicarbonate along with specially chosen natural ingredients that enhance and maintain good dental health. Zero Peroxide e will gently white users teeth by up to 11 shades of white in as little as 14 days.

Kits Start at £19.99 – Fully Guaranteed Results

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      #4  Beaming White

EU And UK Compliant

beaming white teeth whitening

One of the worlds best known kits – Beaming White are famous worldwide for their effective dental grade home kits.

Available throughout the UK and EU, the kits use a powerful non peroxide formula based around the proven whitening effects of Sodium Perborate.

The premium kit includes a dental quality blue light assembly, exactly like the ones used in Dental surgeries to speed and enhance the process.

Prices start at £14.38 which makes it the most affordable kit on our list –

Just bear in mind that you are only getting 15 treatments – Kits like Smile4you provide up to 2oo treatments.

Available direct from Amazon.

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How Does Teeth Whitening Work

Why Don’t We All Have Perfect Teeth

perfect white teeth

The first thing that people notice is your smile, they may not say anything if your teeth are dull or stained, but you can be sure that they noticed it. A bright white smile leaves an immediate impression on everybody you meet.

But the thing is just how do your teeth get in such a bad way?

We are all born with basically white teeth, but through life, something goes wrong, usually its our favourite foods, drinks, and smoking that means that by the time we reach middle age (or before sometimes) our teeth look decidedly dull and discoloured.

Of course some people are pre disposed genetically to have dull yellowy teeth.

What ever the reason for it, there are solutions to this problem

The Basic Teeth Whitening Process

If you go to your dental surgeon to discuss whitening they will want to ensure that your teeth are in good condition, its wise to not enter into any whitening treatments unless you know your teeth are sound, and without cavities etc.

how does teeth whitening work

If you are having whitening done in a surgery, they will make a mould of your teeth, this will be used to make a tray that fits neatly over your teeth.

It is this specially made tray that will hold the whitening compound during your treatment, most compounds are made up of various bleaching agents such as peroxides. The trays are worn for anything from 30 minutes to an hour per treatment

Most Professional dental treatments work over a two week period, your teeth will gradually turn white, sometimes the effects are almost immediate, but this will depend on the starting condition of the teeth. You and your dentist will both work together to decide just how white your teeth will get.


After all this, you will have the whiter smile that you have always wanted, the results do last reasonably well, but this will still depend on the amount of coffee etc that you drink, and how many cigarettes you smoke.

The one downside to having whitening done in the dentists chair is the cost, this can prove prohibitive and can cost from £300 to £500.

There are cheaper options, home whitening kits and other products are available which will all provide a whitening effect to your teeth.

Naturally there are some good and some not so good products, it is always wise to do some research before buying home teeth whitening kits.

We have spent the past 10 years researching and trying out many of the popular ( and some not so popular) home teeth whitening kits and our reviews make up a large part of this website.

From our research, we have compiled our own finite list of those kits that we believe offer the best results and value for money.

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Theodent 300 Luxury Toothpaste

Can A £100 Toothpaste Really Make Your Teeth Worse?

 We Check Out Theodent 300

Probably the dearest toothpaste on sale anywhere, with a recommended selling price of £103.95 – Theodent 300 has hit the headlines, but for all the wrong reasons.

An article in the Daily Mail has exposed this expensive product as a potential waste or time and money, with reputable dentists claiming that you can get more benefits out of a 25p MTMwMzU3MjMyODg0Nzg3ODQztube of budget toothpaste from your local supermarket.

Theodent 300 uses a patented formula including a compound called Rennou that uses an extract of cocoa beans in place of the well known and established fluoride.. the makers tell us that has similar effects and is an effective replacement.

They claim that you can feel the effects after the very first brush and that despite its immense power that it is perfectly safe if you swallow it.

 The Full Formula

Rennou is made up of Theobromine, Calcium Acetate and Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate. The toothpaste also includes other components including:

  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Stevia extract
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Citric Acid
  • Spearmint Oil

 How To Use Theodent 300

Using Theodent 300 – users should brush after meals with a minimum of twice daily. after first brushing, you should rinse mouth and repeat the application to ‘maximise the effects’

 Experts Opinion

 Dr Nigel Carter – Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation lead a panel of experts who studied both this product along with several others to see if the lived up to their manufacturers claims.

His verdict was quite damning he was quoted in the Daily Mail as follows

‘I can’t find any robust scientific evidence that this works. It’s fluoride-free, so I’d be surprised if it had any decay-preventing effect, which is the key thing you want out of a toothpaste.

‘In terms of spitting rather than rinsing, I would advise everyone to do that. But brushing twice? Other than telling you to use twice as much of a very expensive toothpaste, I can’t explain that.

The price is utterly unjustified — 20 times the cost of a well-researched toothpaste for something fluoride-free. You’d be better off with a 25p fluoride toothpaste from Tesco.’

Our Thoughts

If it’s a good general toothpaste that you are looking for, you should save your money, smile4you-dental-white-kitsfollow Dr Carters advice and choose one at a fraction of the cost that contains fluoride..

If you are looking for something that will help make your teeth whiter, then check out our review on Dental White… the biggest and best selling home teeth whitening kit from the USA, now readily available from UK based specialists Smile4you.

Costing a fraction of treatments that you can get in your dental surgery, Dental White uses the exact same materials and methods but at a fraction of the cost… it is also sold with a cash back guarantee, so if you fail to see any results after 14 days you can simply return for a full refund..

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