Arm And Hammer Advanceds Whitening Toothpaste Advert Banned

Does Arm And Hammer Advanced Whitening Toothpaste Work

A TV Advert for Arm and Hammers Advanced Whitening Toothpaste has now been banned from the arm and hammer toothpaste bannedUK screens.

The product, a regular presence on the TV uses baking soda to whiten (according to the manufacturers) users teeth by up to 3 shades of white.

It Doesn’t Work For Many Users

The advert has now been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after it was revealed that around 43% of all users actually ended up with DARKER TEETH.

This is a massive blow to Church and Dwight – the US based manufacturers who until now have enjoyed sales of hundreds of millions of pounds.

The ASA banned the advert (which featured popular TV presenter Katy Hill) after concluding that the katy hill arm and hammerclaims made by the manufacturers regarding the whitening ability of the product could not be substantiated.

Our Thoughts

We have long believed that the only true way of whitening your teeth is by the use of a good whitening kit – many toothpastes use baking soda, which is actually well known for its cleaning abilities, but none have ever been able to match a good home kit for whitening ability

Our Recommendation

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