Australia Bans Dangerous Teeth Whitening Kits

Harmful Teeth Whitening Kits Banned

The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) have recently banned 9 teeth whitening kits from sale, the ban follows reports that these kits caused unacceptable side effects that included Burns and blisters to mouth, headaches and painful teeth sensitivity.

The kits withdrawn from sale are

  •  Crest White Strips
  • White My Bites Sensitive, Professional and Advanced
  • Sunshine Health
  • Nite White
  • Davinci Elitemouth burns caused by strong whitening gels
  • White Smile

Many of these kits used extremely high concentrations of whitening bleach – some over 30% concentration

The ACCC have issues some guidelines for those wishing to whiten their teeth at home, and they are actually good advice for anybody wherever you are.

  •  Do Not Buy Or Use Kits That Fail To Advertise Their Strength Of Gel
  •  Avoid Any Kit That Uses Gel Strengths That Exceed 18% Carbamide Peroxide or 6% Hydrogen Peroxide

The FDA in America have gone further and have set 16% strength as the safe maximum

 Why Have They Done This

Kits that use up to 18% are quite safe to use and shouldn’t cause any problems in the way of teeth sensitivity and most certainly will not cause any burns

Recommended Kit – Government Approved

dental white by smile4youThe kit to consider is the one supplied by Smile4you, developed in the USA over 15 years ago in the USA and now one of, if not the best selling kit in the world.

Their kit (Called Dental White) uses an FDA approved strength of 16% which is both safe and effective; It will whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in as little as 14 days without causing any adverse reactions.

With initial results usually visible after the first application Smile4you’s kit offers fantastic value. With professional in surgery whitening costing upwards of £150, the smile4you kits start at £26.99. For this you get:

  • 120mls of whitening gel – the largest amount of any kit, enough for 200 treatments
  • fully customisable teeth trays – Fit Your teeth perfectly for maximum results
  • Application syringe
  • Full written instructions that are clear and easy to follow

There are some optional kits and accessories that will both speed and enhance your whitening experience.

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