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Beaming White Now Available In The UK

One of the biggest names in teeth whitening has finally hit our shores; Beaming White is fast becoming one of the best selling teeth whitening products in the world… their products are to be found in Dental surgeries throughout America and now – here in the UK..

Aside from the professional whitening products, they also sell a home based kit that TakeHomeWhitening-DeluxeKit-BW-completecontains just what you would find in your local dental surgery, these kits are distributed throughout the UK by teeth whitening specialists Clear White Teeth

Clear White Teeth Official Website

The Beaming White Kits

Clear White Teeth offer two kits, both use the same whitening gel – a completely safe and side effect free formulation that uses Sodium Perborate as its key ingredient. Where as many over the counter kits and toothpastes use Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) the dental specialists at beaming white prefer Sodium Perborate, it is commonly used in dental surgeries, it has better cleaning and stain removing properties than Baking Soda, by penetrating deep into the enamel it works by lifting stains and discolouration to leave teeth whiter than white.

Unlike some over-strength peroxide based gels, The Gel in the beaming white kit is completely harmless and will not cause any adverse reactions or sensitivity whatsoever.

The First Kit is the Classic Kit – It contains sufficient gel for 5 x 35 minute treatments, a pair of customisable teeth trays, after care gel, whitening pre-treatment spray, a carry/storage case and full instructions.

Users of the Classic Kit should see an improvement in whiteness of about 8 shades..

The Best selling Deluxe Kit contains the same as above but with the addition of a blue light assembly (as used in dental surgeries) that speeds and improves the results

Buyers should experience increases approaching 11 shades of white with this kit

Daily White Whitening Foam

daily-white-group-500x500-500x500In addition to the kits, Clear White Teeth also supply Daily White; a dual pack of two powerful foams, one a deep cleanser and the other a whiteness booster, suitable to be used as a standalone product it is designed to be used in place of regular toothpaste, and offers a deep clean to the teeth, removing stains and discoloration that many regular toothpastes fail to shift, the whiteness booster does what it says and increases and maintains the whiteness of the teeth..

Daily White foam is best used in conjunction with the whitening kit and helps to retain the results after the actual whitening treatment has finished.

Where To Buy

Clear White Teeth sell the kits and the foam directly from the official website,

As for prices, the Classic kit costs just £39.95. the Deluxe kit £49.95 and the daily foam an affordable £29.95

Ordering is secure and shipping throughout the UK and EU is fast and discreet

Order Your Beaming White Kit Today

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