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Tooth Gloss From Smile4You

UK based Smile4You are adding another effective product to their range of teeth whitening products.


toothglossOriginating from The USA, Tooth Gloss adds a shiny, polished coating to the teeth, giving the user an instant lustrous smile, its non abrasive, peroxide free formula gives a polished sheen to the teeth and at the same time protecting against stains, gingivitis and helps to give fresh breath all day long.

Used in conjunction with their teeth whitening product, or simply on its own, Tooth gloss will deliver a polished whiter smile quickly and easily.

Quick And Easy

Easy to use; simply apply a thin line of Tooth Gloss onto a toothbrush or even a fingertip.

Apply to teeth as required. Use twice daily for best results.

Results will vary from person to person, and will depend on the amount of initial staining on the teeth.

Tooth Gloss Ingredients

Tooth Gloss contains Water, Polaxamer, carbopol 940, alcohol, saccharin, sucralose, pultimate package smile4youeppermint flavor, eucalyptol, menthol, sodium benzoate

Where To Buy Tooth Gloss

Tooth Gloss forms part of smile4you’s ‘Ultimate Whitening Package’

for £49.99 buyers get the full Smile4you kit comprising:

  • 120mls whitening Gel – enough for 200 treatments
  • blue laser light to speed the process
  • customiseable teeth trays
  • 2 tubes of aftercare gel
  • teeth whiteness guide
  • application syringe
  • full instructions

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