Cleaning Your Teeth Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attacks

Keep Healthy – Maintain Good Dental Health

An Article in The Daily Mail this week, has highlighted the fact that those people with a poor dental care regime are at risk from other major health problems, Those who do not brush their teeth at least twice a day are up to 70% more at risk of suffering from Heart Disease.

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Brushing your teeth Twice a day could stop you having a heart attack

Scientists have found that failing to clean teeth regularily can allow up to 700 different types of bacteria to get into the bloodstream, once there it can effect the heart and other major organs.

This can affect anybody no matter how healthy the person is.

In clinical studies it was discovered that when bacteria entered the bloodstream, the immune system was depleted, it made arterial walls inflamed and narrower. It also attached to exisiting fatty deposits in the arteries which made the narrowing even more pronounced.

lady dentistUniversity College London followed 11000 people with an average age of 50, they were all asked about dental history and regimes at home. 62% of the subjects questioned made regular visits to the dentists and just over 70% brushed their teeth twice or more a day.
These people were studied for 8 years, over that time 555 people had serious heart problems and 170 of them died as a result.

The majority of these people came from the group of people that didnt brush their teeth regularily or maintained good dental health

Advisors to the BDA confirmed thse findings and confirmed that other studies are looking into this are currently underway.

What ever the findings, it is so important to maintain good dental health as this is the gateway into the body and will help to maintain good overall general health.

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