Crest White Strips

Crest White Strip Teeth Whitening Products

Crest White strips have been one of the most popular home teeth whitening methods $_32around.

They used to be available to buy in the high street at Boots, but nowadays, they are mostly available to buy from online stores.

Despite their popularity they do have their faults and criticisms.

The main issue with both Crest strips and other similar treatments is that they generally can only whiten the front teeth, the length of the strip itself determines the coverage of the teeth, Not a problem for some users, but in truth, it really depends on how wide you open your mouth when you smile or talk. If only half the teeth are white it could look really strange to those who you are talking to.

The majority of whitening strips cover the front six teeth only, If you have small teeth, they may go further, various companies have tried increasing the length of their strips to accommodate this fault, Crest supreme white strips are one such brand.

Close up of young woman using a teeth whitening strip

Whitening Strips Are Not The Easiest Product To Use.

Whitening Strips can be awkward to use, being rather flimsy and difficult to handle, care has to be taken when they are removed from the packaging, when fitting them, it has to be done with care. They can easily move during the treatment reducing the effect of the product.

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The  problem with the whitening strips is that the saliva in the mouth can effect or reduce the tackiness of the whitening strip that helps it stay in place on the teeth, they can easily become dislodged or move which will have an adverse effect on the result of the whitening treatment.

Whitening Strips Are Known To Cause Some Discomfort

Around 50% of consumers who use whitening strips will get some form of sensitivity during or after treatment. This problem is often caused by the bleaching agent. Problems such as sensitivity to hot and/or cold foods are common, this is usually caused by the peroxide agent coming into contact with the gums and affecting the nerves. This is usually short lived however, and is not known to cause any adverse or long term effects.

Some Countries Have Now Banned Crest Whitestrips Due To Their Side Effects

What to Do If You  feel Discomfort After Using Whitening Strips

Most teeth sensitivity can be eased by the use of an anti- sensitive toothpaste. This should ideally be used for at least two weeks before starting the whitening treatment, this is the same for gum irritation which is another possible side effect of using these strips

Gum irritation can be caused if the whitening strip comes into contact with your gums, this is often the case as these do slip sometimes, if the peroxide comes into contact with the skin, it can cause irritation to the contacted areas, If you are on of the unlucky ones who does suffer with sensitivity or irritation, its probably better to avoid strips and try a product that uses tray technology.

These trays are generally more sturdy and stable, fitting just over the teeth without contacting the delicate gum area

Where Can I Buy Crest White Strips

Crest White Strips are available from various online suppliers, prices do vary so its always best to shop around if you feel that these are the best way to go.

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