Dentists Can Help Detect Early Onset Of Diabetes

Seeing Your Dentist Can Help Detect Diabetes

Regular visits to your dentist can have far reaching benefits to your health, dental health aside, your dental examinationdentist can help diagnose the onset of other conditions including diabetes.

This was discovered during studies in America where type 2 diabetes has grown dramatically where a shocking 25.8 million people have diabetes, 92% of these being type 2 diabetes which is mainly caused by diet and lifestyle.

Over 500 patients were examined, all of them had at least one factor associated with diabetes (hypertension, obesity, raised cholesterol and genetic family history of diabetes.)

They all received a thorough periodontal examination along with a finger stick and haemoglobin A1c test.

It was discovered that it only required one of two dental parameters (missing teeth and a percentage of deep periodontal pockets) to identify the patients with pre-diabetes or actual diabetes. The Haemoglobin test simply confirmed the results.

Senior Dr in charge of the study – Dr Ira Lamster confirmed that periodontal disease is an early complication of diabetes, it is hoped that  tests like these become a general part of any dental examination in due course.

It is important that you visit your dentist twice a year, this ensures that your dental health remains in peak condition and can (as we have discovered) help safeguard your overall health and well being.