Does Naturally Bright Whitening Kit Work

Naturally Bright Home Teeth Whitening Kit – Product Review


There is an ever increasing range of home teeth whitening kits that available for the public to buy online.

naturally brightOne such kit is the one offered by Naturally Bright.

It Retails at around £35

The kits contain thermoform mouth trays, bleaching gel in a choice of two strengths and sufficient gel for (the manufacturer’s state) around 60 applications.

The whitening is done using Carbamide peroxide gel which is the same material that is used in Dental Surgeries worldwide.

Is It Any Good


There is no doubt in our mind that this kit will whiten teeth, our main concern is with the Gel strengths, the manufacturer offer customers a choice of two strengths; 23% and 35% concentration. Both of these strengths are towards the high end of the scale of strengths, Considerably Higher than the safety levels set by the FDA, the majority of dentists tend to keep to 20% or below. Using teeth whitening gels at these strengths is not without the risk of some side effects, sensitivity of the teeth and gums, while not common, can occur especially after exposure to gels of these strengths.

The guarantee offered is a standard 7 day return policy, this does not really (in our opinion) give the buyers sufficient time to decide if they are happy with the purchase, bearing in mind the product has to be back within 7 days, allowing for postal delays, those returning kits would only really have around 3 – 4 days to evaluate before deciding to return.


What Would You Recommend


In our opinion, there is only one teeth whitening kit worth mentioning, Dr Georges Dental White is retailed throughout the UK and Europe by Smile4You, this kit is really established and proven. Developed in the USA over 14 years ago, it has been sold to many thousands of US customers and is also used by proffessional Dental surgeries worldwide.

These kits are very similar to the ones offered by Naturally Bright, they include thermoform teeth trays (so you can customise them to fit your own teeth), application syringes, full instructions and more actual whitening smile4yougel than any other teeth whitening kit available.

Dr Georges Dental White is one of very few products to be granted full FDA approval.

It has a shelf life of over 2 years.

The active Gel is set at a far more sensible strength of 16%, experts all agree that this strength is 100% effective at quickly whitening even the most stained of teeth, and will not in 99.9% of all cases cause any adverse side effects or sensitivity.

Smile4you give buyers a full 14day money back guarantee on all purchases

Smile4You retail these kits at just under £27 and buyers coming from this site can use the discount code SMILE5 at the checkout to get an extra 5% off of their purchase.

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