Does Teeth Whitening Cause Side Effects

Are There Side Effects With Teeth Whitening

For most people, having their teeth whitening in either in a dentist or by using a home kit will not cause them any problems or side effects. Occasionally the treatment can cause mostly mild irritation to the gums and sensitivity to the teeth.  It is possible for the gums to Smilebe sometimes be irritated by the bleaching agent, this is often the case if the whitening trays are overfilled or not fitted correctly. There are times when the active bleaching agent can also make the teeth themselves slightly more sensitive, but for most cases this usually short lived and the symptoms will tend to go within a day or two of the treatment ending.

If you are unlucky enough to experience some kind of sensitivity or irritation to the teeth or gums, here are a few ways to try and reduce any problems.

  • Have a break from treatment for a couple of days to allow your teeth to adjust.
  • Use the products for less time ie: if the product calls for a 60 minute session, split it into two sessions at 30 minutes.
  • Use proprietary toothpaste devised for sensitive teeth, the active ingredient (usually potassium nitrate) will help guard the teeth’s enamel against the whitening material.

Use Remineralization Gels To Strengthen The Teeth

429862287_206You can remineralize your teeth with special Remineralization gels. With age teeth will gradually become sensitive over time, this is because the enamel starts to erode and our gums recede. This process exposes microscopic holes in the teeth that lead directly through to the nerve. Remineralization Gels form crystals of a compound called hydroxyapatite to replace important minerals in the enamel to effectively close these holes.

Are These Gels Easy To Use

Yes, simply apply this product into your whitening tray and apply to the teeth for around four minutes prior to the whitening treatment itself, this will stop the treatment causing any sensitivity and will also help prolong the whitening results.

Can I Buy Remineralization Gel

Smile4you, who are the UK’s recognised suppliers of Dr Georges Dental White supply Remineralization gels kits for use alongside their approved teeth whitening kits.

They currently retail these gels for £2.99 for two 3ml doses (2 treatments)

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