How Do I Choose The Best Way To Whiten My Teeth

Teeth Whitening – How And Where Do I Get It Done

whiter teethWhen considering teeth whitening, there is a whole range of methods and products to help you get the bright smile you desire. These methods usually fall into two categories, the ones carried out by dental professionals and those treatments done at home. No matter which way you choose with this process, be sure to know that you are embarking on a rather important journey to good oral health..

Consult Your Dentist

There is no set rule to determine the best course of treatment for anybody, certain factors such as dental history, genetics and of course the condition of the teeth to start with all have a great bearing on the effectiveness of the treatment. Its always beneficial to consult your dentist prior to any treatments (even if you intend to do it yourself at home) as they will check that your teeth are free from any cavities or other conditions that could either effect the whitening treatment, or actually be made worse by the treatment.

It is important to listen to the dentist as they do usually give advice with your dental health in mind. If you one of the many thousands considering home whitening, it is important to carry out some research first, check out a few products and manufacturers, find some reviews, maybe ask on forums. There are a few companied out there who offer these ‘miracle ‘products that are in fact worthless.

Whitening Treatments Vary In Cost

Dental treatments are often quite pricey, costing upwards of £300 per course of treatment, so they are not for teeth whitening before and aftereverybody. Home kits however are usually very sensibly priced at around £25 – £30 for a good one. This represents a huge saving on having it done professionally, and if you follow the procedure correctly, the results should be none the less amazing.

If you do decide to carry out a home treatment as opposed to one carried out by your dentist it will benefit you to buy the best you can find. There are some really good and effective home whitening kits out there.

If possible, try and use one that uses the same whitener ingredient as most dentists.

Carbamide peroxide is one of the gels actually used by many thousands of professional cosmetic dentists worldwide, and is usually found in the better home whitening products.

Make your choice carefully, follow the instructions to the letter and you will soon be dazzling them with your smile