How To Get A Whiter Smile This Christmas

Have Your Very Own White Christmas

Its that time of year again, with Christmas deceptively close now, many peoples thoughts are of thewhite teeth at christmas parties and celebrations that all happen during the festive season. You may well have already chosen your new party dress or smart suit, booked your hair appointment well in advance, planned your beauty regime, But have you looked at your teeth lately??

Are they as white as they could be??.

Could your less than white smile be the only thing that spoils those happy photographs taken of you with Family, Friends and Work colleagues at this most festive of times.

Now Is The Time To Act

Your teeth could be stained and dull through many reasons, most likely its what you eat and drink, if you are a lover of coffee and tea, red wine, or maybe you still smoke then your teeth will be coated with compounds that reduce the whiteness of your teeth, leaving them looking dull, maybe yellow in colour.

Consider Teeth Whitening – A Fast And Effective Way To Regain Your Dazzling Smile

Many dentists offer this procedure, but at a cost… professional whitening can cost upwards from £200 and could go up as far as £6-700 in main city centre clinics.

At what is one of the most expensive times of the year, this is an expense that many cannot afford..

Why Not Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Originating from the USA is Dr Georges Dental White, it was the worlds first specially formulated dental white ukhome teeth whitening kit. Launched over 16 years ago and still the best selling kit in the world, Dental White was developed by, and is still supplied by one of Americas most reverred Dental surgeons.

It uses exactly the same materials and processes that your own dentist would use (in fact many dentists actually use Dental White in their surgeries). The kit is fully government approved for its safety and results.

The results are amazing, an improvement in whiteness is usually seen after just one application , and if used for 30 minutes per day over a 14 day period, users can expect to see their teeth up to 11 shades whiter.

The only difference is the cost – The Full Dental White kit starts at just £26.99 which gives you enough product for over 200 treatments, there are some optional accessories that add to the effect, both speeding and enhancing the whole process.

Find Out More About Dr Georges Dental White

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