Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen

Quick and Convenient Teeth Whitening From The USA

idol whiteAnother product from the USA is the Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen, a convenient product that can be kept in your handbag or briefcase and used whenever you feel your smile needs brightening

It offers quick and effective teeth whitening using natural and gentle products.

It has many celebrity links, most recently top USA pop band Kardashian have been featured in the media as great fans of this product.

Idol White has been featured very heavily in the media in America having been on CNN, fox news and USA today.

Idol White can now be ordered here in the UK, with daily shipments being sent out delivery is actually quite prompt.

One months supply can be bought for £34.53, the makers do offer various bulk buy discounts and also a free trial offer

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Are There Similar Or Alternative Products

Yes, the Professional Teeth Whitening kit by Transformulas is pretty much the same as the Idol White kit.

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