Is Boots Expert Teeth Whitening Stick Any Good

Boots Expert Teeth Whitening Stick

Boots Expert teeth Whitening stick is (to quote Boots) ‘an innovative teeth whitening stick’ Its purpose is to allow the users to target and whiten individual stained teeth. It is in a convenient and handy size, easy to fit into a handbag or briefcase for ‘touching up’ on the Unknowngo.

The product uses a non peroxide formula that is claimed will whiten teeth by around 3 shades of white within a week

Does It Work

Most experts dont feel that non peroxide whiteners actually work that well, and the fact that the product does not usually stay for very long on the teeth due to saliva etc only compounds this thought.


Check Out This Effective Alternative – Smile4you Whitening Pen

Unknown-1If it is teeth whitening on the go that you are looking for, another product that has returned positive reviews is the handy Teeth Whitening Pen made and sold by UK Teeth Whitening Specialists Smile4You.

Containing the same fast acting, approved dental grade whitening gel as their world famous teeth whitening kit, the pen is an easy and effective way to touch up your teeth whiteness at the office, or while while out and about when ever the need arises.

Available direct from the official website, the pen currently costs just £14.00 online (Usual RRP £39.95)

More About Smile4You Teeth Whitening Pen