Look Ten Years Younger With Whiter Teeth

Keep Looking Younger With A Whiter Smile

It a well known fact that as we get that little bit older, we worry about our health more, maybe start by taking a few vitamins, join a gym, watch what we eat a little bit more. One area that we can sometimes over look is our teeth

A recent study featured in the Daily Mail showed that stained teeth can and do make you look older.before and after teeth whitening The study involved 2000 people and 2 sets of photographs taken of the same woman.

These people were split into two groups. They were both shown one set of photographs, one group saw the photos of the woman with stained teeth, and the other half saw her with teeth that had been whitened.

The groups were then asked quite simply to guess the age of the woman in the photographs.

The group looking at the photos of her with stained teeth recorded an average guess of 44 years old, while the group seeing her with whitened teeth guessed her to be 31.

This Study Confirms

 Whiter Teeth Make Us Look Younger

 The repeated intake of coffee, tea, red wines and other coloured drinks, along with smoking will all combine to make our teeth dull and stained.

Having stained teeth is known to have a detrimental affect on our everyday lives, not usually health wise maybe, but it has been shown many times that both personally and professionally having dull looking teeth can affect our opportunities.

First impressions count for most people and a dull stained smile can be very off putting for some.

 What Can I Do About My Stained Teeth

The first thing you should do is go to your dentist, make sure that your teeth are healthy and sound, once you know all is ok, you can consider whitening your teeth.

Most dental surget whiter teeth at homegeries offer whitening services, average costs will vary and can usually range between £200 – £400. (some clinics in London for example charge up to £800)

This is an expensive treatment, but identical results can be achieved by using a good quality home whitening kit at a fraction of the cost.

How Do I Choose What Kit To Use

 A good kit will use exactly the same methods and materials as your dental surgery, most kits contain

  •  Whitening gel
  • Teeth Trays
  • Application Syringe
  • Full Instructions

Other things to look out for are

  •  Re-mineralisation gel – to strengthen enamel
  • Blue light assembly – to speed the whitening process
  • Colour chart – to help monitor your progress.

The best gel to use is Carbamide peroxide, it is stable and as long as you use a strength less than 18% is unlikely to cause any sensitivity. (Some kits and surgeries use gel of 25% or more, these are highly likely to cause sensitivity and should be avoided if at all possible)

As a point of reference, the FDA in America have set a recommended maximum strength of 16%.

 Can You Recommend A Good Kit

We have evaluated many of the kits currently available and from these have picked out what we feel to be our top 4 kits.

Our ratings were based on the following criteria

  •  Official approvals and clinical testing
  • Ingredients
  • Methods – ease of use
  • Customer feedback
  • Guarantees
  • Price

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