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Lifestyle magazine Marie Clare has included Dr Georges Dental White home teeth whitening kit as one of  its September ‘Must Haves’.

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Sold on-line bySmile4You, this kit is the best selling Teeth Whitening Kit  in the USA and is now quickly gaining popularity in the UK.

Developed over 14 years ago by one of the USA’s foremost Dental surgeons – a Dr George Madray. His innovative Whitening Gel is exactly the same as the gel used in professional Dental Surgeries worldwide.

With one big difference – A course of professional dental whitening can cost around £300, these kits retail for around £25

With over a million kits sold worldwide, With a four step process, this easy to use kit is the perfect way to get that ‘Hollywood smile’.

Safe To Use

With full clinical and FDA approval (one of the few kits in the world to gain this accreditation). Dr Georges Dental White Kits will quickly whiten your teeth up to 11 shades whiter.

The Whitening gel is set a sensible strength of 16% concentration.

This is the maximum strength approved by the FDA.

4 steps to white teethIt is strong enough to efficiently whiten your teeth but not too strong so as to cause teeth sensitivity which can be the problem with gels at higher strengths.

Smile4You are the approved online retailers of D Georges Dental White and these kits can be easily purchased from their informative website

Discount Code

Visitors from this website can get an extra 5% discount on purchases by quoting smile5 at the checkout

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