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Do Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening Products Work

Regretfully Mint Cosmetics Have discontinued their Kit – Its actually a real shame as it was really good!

As An Excellent  Alternative We Do Recommend The Kit Made By UK Based Smile4YOU – 

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UK based Mint Cosmetics have launched their very own range of home based teeth whitening treatments.

They currently supply two celebrity promoted products – A convenient and highly portable

teeth whitening pen, and a full home teeth whitening kit.kit_complet_mint

Mint Cosmetics Home Teeth Whitening Kit

This kit follows the lead of many other home teeth whiteners, in that it comprises:

  • 3 x fully customisable teeth application teeth trays,
  • 4 applicator syringes containing 3cc of whitening gel – sufficient for up to 48 applications
  • Full instruction manual and Dvd
  • Storage case for teeth trays
  • Spare applicator tip and teeth tray
  • Limited time only– get free teeth whitening pen with all option 1 orders ( worth £19.99)

The key with any teeth whitening product is the gel used in the kit, in the case of this Mint kit, the gel is Dental grade  Sodium Perborate – Which releases Hydrogen Peroxide

Faster Results Than Most Other Kits!

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What Are The Benefits To You

  • Up to 8 shades of white in 2 weeks
  • Customised moulds – this helps with comfort and effectiveness
  • Can use twice daily
  • Effects last 18-24 months, (gel last 18 months once opened so can use for future top up’s, or buy for only £19.99!)
  • Whiter teeth will help with confidence

Look How Good Their Moulds Are

Mint Teeth Whitening Pen

The second product in the Mint range is their handy whitening pen

mint-cosmetics-006Containing the same gel as the main kit, this applicator pen enables you to re-apply the gelto your teeth at your convenience, at any time, anywhere, the gel should be left on the teeth for as long as possible, preferable about 30 minutes and smoking and drinking red wine, coffee etc should be avoided for a while after treatment to get the best out of this product.

The Mint Whitening pen is a perfect addition to your handbag or briefcase; it is small, lightweight and totally discreet.

Where Can I Buy Mint Teeth Whitening Products

Both the full Whitening kit and the the Mint whitening pen can be purchased directly from the official website, and a few nominated re-sellers. prices start at £19.99

The Full Whitening kit costs£44.99 and for limited time buyers will get a free whitening pen with option 1 orders ( save £19.99)

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