New EU Ruling Changes Teeth Whitening


The EU Takes Away Our Choice Of Where We Whiten Our Teeth


The bureaucrats at the EU (well know for meddling in everyday peoples lives) have now approved a resolution that will, when adopted, limit us to having our teeth whitened either by, or under the guidance of a dentist.

eu logoUnder pressure from various national Dental authorities, the EU has agreed to outlaw the sale of most teeth whitening products that are currently available to buy either online or over the counter. The only products escaping the ban are those with a bleaching power of 0.01%. This means virtually every teeth whitening product except some toothpaste’s that do not provide much in the way of whitening anyway will be outlawed.

 Following the approval of the resolution, member states (including the UK) have up to a year to adopt the policy as law in their countries.

 The Dental Authorities were concerned about the amount of non dental premises offering teeth whitening services, often with non – professionally trained staff, many of these places used over strength gels to speed up results, ignoring the fact that these gel strengths will often provide side effects such as gum and teeth sensitivity. As a point of interest, even some professional dental surgeries have (and still do) use over strength gels.

Even Some Dentists Use Over Strength Gels

Following the adoption of the ruling, people wanting to whiten their teeth will have to have the work done at their dental surgery, and those dentists will not now be able to use any whitening gels that have a strength greater than 6%.

The Dental Authorities have publicly stated that they have pushed the EU to pass this resolution due to their concern over public health and safety, while this is honourable, we feel that they possible have another reason.

 ‘Could It be That Teeth Whitening is a Multi Billion Pound Business’

 The home teeth whitening business has grown into a multi billion pound business, and with dental surgeries charging such exorbitant fees, more and more people are looking elsewhere, some will go to beauty salons and spas, but many have now decided to whiten their teeth at home.

A good home teeth whitening kit will use exactly the same materials and methods that our dentists will use, but at a meremoney grabbing dentists fraction of the cost.

The Dental Associations have seen this business slip away from their fingers and we wonder if they have pushed this resolution through in the hope of grabbing back those billions of pounds for themselves.

We have no idea when this will become law in the UK, we understand that the BDA are pushing for this to become law as soon as possible.

Our Thoughts…

Its typical of the EU to try and take away our choices, we are all responsible adults and should be able to make our own choice as to where, how and who whitens our teeth, home teeth whitening is perfectly safe as long as you buy a reputable kit and follow the instructions.

We Suggest

If you want to whiten your teeth either now, or are planning to have the work done in the near future, and also resent the fact that quite soon we could have no option other than to pay the exorbitant charges set by dentists, then go out to the shops, or look online, and choose and buy your own teeth whitening kit while you can.

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