Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening

Materials Used In Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening

With recent changes in EU regulations possibly restricting peroxide based teeth whitening to dentists only, the search is on for some effective non peroxide materials to fill what will be a massive void in the over the counter teeth whitening market

Two of the most common ingredients being used in non peroxide teeth whitening kits are Sodium Perborate and Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda).

So What Is The Best Non Peroxide Ingredient

Sodium Perborate – is found in a number of few teeth whitening kits, it is a colourless,sultan-sodium-perborate-powder-bleach water soluble compound that comes in many forms. A stable source of active oxygen it is used as an oxidising and bleaching agent in many cleaning products, pharmaceutical products, detergents and more recently teeth whitening preparations.

Dentists often use Sodium Perborate to bleach stained teeth; often the compound is mixed with either water or hydrogen peroxide

Sodium Perborate is considered by experts to be more effective than Baking Soda.

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Baking_Soda_Sodium_BicarbonateSodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) – is effective at whitening teeth, used in a number of products ranging from toothpastes to complete teeth whitening kits, it works by effectively removing tough stains. Sodium Bicarbonate (chemical compound NaHC03 removes deeply embedded stains from teeth by dissolving into the crevices on the teeth’s surface. Once it is dissolved in water, the compound changes and releases free radicals that penetrate the enamel, combining with the stain molecules breaking the carbon double bonds.

By changing the stain molecules from a darker one to a clear one, this allows baking soda to lighten and whiten teeth. Baking Soda is very good at removing mild to medium staining it is not quite so good at removing grey intrinsic stains gained from certain antibiotics.

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