Flossonic ToothBrush Review

Can A Toothbrush Really Floss Your Teeth While It Cleans?

 We Examine The Latest Breakthrough In Dental Care

 Introducing Flossonic Toothbrush

We all know that daily brushing and flossing your teeth are essential for maintaining dental health, but to be honest.. do many of us bother all the time??

Now UK Based Flossonic have come up with the ultimate idea – a toothbrush that flosses while it 1742-thumb.pngcleans..

How Does The Flossonic Toothbrush Work

The Flossonic toothbrush is possibly the ultimate in home dental hygiene, its unique brush design is made up with ultra fine perimeter bristles that flare outwards while you brush to get deep into those hard to clean gaps and crevices around our teeth.

By vibrating at speeds of around 30,000 brush strokes per minute, the motion of the bristles creates waves of fluid and pressure that quite simply wash away any trapped food and any plaque build up from those areas usually untouched by regular brushing.

Short Manufacturers Video:


Why Is Flossing So Crucial

Dentists across the globe all agree that around 40% of all gum disease could be prevented by flossing regularly.. many people only floss occasionally and many fail to floss at all… its not the easiest thing to do correctly and many people are concerned with the fact that it can cause bleeding from the gums ( a classic sign of gum disease).

Normal, and even most electric toothbrushes only make contact with around 60% of your teeth’s surfaces leaving just under half untouched and unclean.

 You wouldn’t get in the shower and only wash just over half your body… so why should cleaning your teeth be any different.??

Many people avoid flossing as its actually quite time consuming if you do it properly… now you can save time and get the job done more effectively without wasting those extra minutes each and every day.

The Flossonic Range Of Tooth Brushes

There are two Flossonic toothbrushes in their product range:1743-thumb.png

The Flossonic Go

A handy battery operated sonic toothbrush that you can even take with you wherever you go – at work, travelling etc.


  • Sonic Wave Technology – 30,000 strokes per minute
  • Unique Bristle flare technology that flosses while you brush
  • 2 minute auto timer
  • 3 operation modes
  • Uses 2 x AA batteries
  • Waterproof
  • Supplied with 1 spare brush head..

This costs Just £59.95 ( US $ 99.99)

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Flossonic Plus

The ultimate product from Flossonic.

A fully rechargeable (mains operated) flossing toothbrush that provides the benefits for up to 4 family members ( 4 brush heads supplied with the kit)

Provides the same benefits as the Flossonic Go – Plus:

  • Integral UV sanitiser for optimum hygiene and storage for the 4 brush heads
  • Charging base unit with battery life indicator display
  • suitable for worldwide use (100-240v)

This costs £129.00 (US $ 214.00) – comparable with many of the better electric/rechargeable toothbrushes on the market.. for a family of 4 this works out at £32.25 each – you will pay much more than that in many dental surgeries for just one course of treatment

Spare Brush Heads Are Available..

Our Thoughts

women-and-man-smiling-white-teeth-200x150This product ticks  all the boxes when compared with many of the top electric toothbrushes out there… we have yet to find another brush that uses this clever method to powerfully but gently clean between all your teeth – maximising your dental health and the life expectancy of your teeth.

 Strongly Recommended!!

Where To Buy Flossonic Toothbrushes

You can order directly from the UK based manufacturer, orders are shipped worldwide quickly and securely..

Say Goodbye To Decay And Gum Disease and Hello To Improved Confidence and A Healthy White Smile.

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