The History of Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Through The Ages

Throughout History, people have looked at ways of whitening their teeth, going back as far as 3000BC it is reported that people of that time used a small piece of twig to clean their teeth, they used to chew on one end and the frayed fibres of the wood used to scrape off the residue of food etc.

Although very primitive, this method is actually still used by some native and third world countries.

chew stick

As time has moved on the search for easy and quick teeth whitening options has moved on and now there are more options than ever to bring teeth whitening to whoever wants it.

Early Days

It is understood that the first toothbrushes were made in China around 1498. The bristles were used from hog hair, designs didn’t change for quite some time until the earlier 20th century when the dentists of the day started to promote dental health and made changes to the materials used (including getting rid of hog hair as the bristles!)

The first product to be used to white teeth actually dates back to the early 1800’s. People in Italy started to use fluorides in their toothpaste to whiten their teeth, since then, many options have been devised by dentists that use fluoride as the base for teeth whitening.

early toothbrush

Modern Methods Of Teeth Whitening

There are many ways to keep our teeth and our smiles shining white, firstly people will reduce intake of tea, coffee and other foods and drinks that will stain teeth, others want to take it further and look at other whitening options.

Most modern whitening treatments are one of two popular methods, bleaching gel or laser bleaching, It is the bleaching gel that forms the basis of most home teeth whitening kits, and come in various forms including strips, bleach trays, and paints to apply to the teeth.

laser tooth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is nearly always carried out in dental surgeries (but there are a few home laser treatments available now) These are without doubt the quickest form of treatment giving visible results often in less than an hour. Bleaching treatments are also offered at clinics and beauty spas.

As the teeth age, the enamel will weaken and this can also cause the discolouring of the teeth, this combined with the effects of smoking, drinking and eating certain foodstuffs can cause embarrassment. This is why teeth whitening is now a very popular trend, allowing people to enhance their appearance.

If you are considering teeth whitening its probably wise to consult your dentist first, its quite important that the teeth are in good condition before undergoing any treatment, wether it is at the dentist surgery or with a home teeth whitening kit

Once you have checked things out with the dentist, you can start your journey to having a whiter smile.

Where Do I Start??

To help you on your way, we have reviewed many of the popular teeth whitening products available today. We have compiled our list of what we feel to be the top 4 kits currently available, based on a wide list of demands and stringent criteria.

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