Pearlys Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Pearlys Teeth Whitening Kit Now In Boots

Recently hitting the headlines is a teeth whitening kit made by Pearlys, the makers claim that their kit is responsible for the dazzling white teeth seen on the stars from T.O.W.I.E, X Factor, I’m Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ along with pop band JLS.Pearlys_Home_Kit_200

Now Available from Boots, the kit contains everything that should ever need to whiten your teeth by up to 12 shades of white in as little as two weeks.

Whats In The Pearlys Kit

The Kit contains

  •  Pearlys Professional Teeth Whitening Pen – allows for ‘on the go’ touching up of the teeth, use to remove stains on teeth when required – contains 45 applications
  • Pearlys Weekly Brighten Powder – Use once or twice a week to remove build up of stains from the teeth – teeth are left shiny and smooth, just like they do after a professional clean by a hygienist
  • Pearlys Impression Kit – dental grade putty with mould trays that allows you to make moulds of your teeth. These are then sent back to Pearlys who manufacture perfectly fitting teeth whitening trays – essential for full and complete whitening results. The trays are usually made and delivered within 7 days. – You are now ready to whiten your teeth the Pearlys way.
  • Whitening gel – 2 syringes containing 3g of dental grade whitening gel

How To Use The Pearlys Kit

Tray-fittedOnce you have the custom trays, you are ready to start, first brush the teeth with the teeth brighten powder and then rinse. After this simply apply a tiny amount of the whitening gel (supplied with the kit) to the teeth trays and place in your mouth. The custom made trays ensure that the gel is held closely to the teeth for maximum results.

Wear the trays for around 2 hours.

What Kind Of Results Should I Expect From Using Pearlys Teeth Whitening

Average results are between 6 and 8 shades whiter, although many users experience even greater improvement and results have been recorded of up to 12 shades whiter.

Where To Buy Pearlys Teeth Whitening Kit

Boots are one main stockist, most larger stores should stock, but for ease and convenience, orders can be placed online from – Boots ship this kit for free in 4 working days

Pearlys Teeth Whitening Kit costs £124.99 – expensive yes, but when you think that you get many treatments from this kit,(no expensive repeat treatments at your dental surgery) and that the custom made trays are a one off purchase (they last for many years), you can enjoy many years of whiter teeth just by ordering more gel as and when you need it.

Click Here To Order Your Pearlys Kit Today From Boots

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