Rapid White With Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening Without Trays

As Seen On ‘How To Look Good Naked’ With Gok Wan

The Rapid white Blue light tooth whitening system was reportedly the UK’s first home kit to use a compact blue light unit – it does not use a whitening tray, so could be suitable for people who could possibly find teeth trays awkward to wear.teeth

How Does It Work

The whitening Gel is painted onto the teeth and then the blue light device is used in the mouth for around 4 minutes to activate the whitening process. It is best used twice a day for the intended course of two weeks.

Does It Work

Results are not as instant as some tray based kits, results are usually not noticeable until after 5 days (10 treatments), and will usually improve with use over the two weeks.

Boots Customer Reviews

The Boots website has a few reviews on this product, several customer reviews did report varied whitening results with this product, but all users reported that the batteries supplied with the kit only lasted for 3 or 4 treatments.

Available from Boots for £30.00.

Most larger stores carry the kit, for convenience it can also be ordered on line from Boots.com

Buy Rapid White From Boots

Are There Any Alternative Or Better Products

smile4you-dental-white-kitsFor a good reliable home teeth whitening kit, buyers could do far worse than consider the kit supplied by Smile4you.

They are the UK’s recognised supplier of the famous Dr Georges Dental White Kit.

This is Americas most well known and number 1 teeth whitening kit. It has been sold for over 16 years across America and is the preferred choice of many thousands of American consumers and Dental Professionals alike.

Currently the ONLY kit in the world to have full FDA approval, Dental White will whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades in just 14 days – Or your Money Back!!!

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