Rio Blue Light Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Kit

Blue Light Teeth Whitening Technology Without Bleach

This product is different to other whitening kits in that it doesnt used peroxide as its main whitening agent. Its specially formulated Gel reacts with blue light technology to remove rio-blue-light-opakowanie stains caused by foods and drink to whiten the teeth

Why Do our Teeth go Yellow

Although certain people are pre disposed to have yellow teeth, in most cases its the tea, coffee, red wines and other food stuffs that stain the enamel and make our teeth dull and yellow. Abrasive toothpastes add to the problem as to hard tooth brushes, they all work to erode the enamel revealing the yellow dentin core of the tooth.

The Rio Blue Light Treatment

Take a mouth tray, syringe a line of the whitening gel compound into the tray and put into mouth resting up against the teeth. Turn the light unit on. It will run for 10 minutes before turning off automatically. this treatment can be repeated up to thee times for maximum results

When Will I See Results

Results should be apparent after the first treatment, often drastic results are recorded over the first few treatments. These will vary depending on the initial condition and colour of the users teeth.
Heavily stained teeth will require a number of treatments initially, this product is safe to use weekly or even daily for the first month, but for long term use, as long as the users maintain good dental health and ensure things such as cavities are looked after, this product should be used once a month to maintain the whitening effect.

Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects

blue_light_teeth_whiteningThe product uses only natural food grade products with no peroxides that have been blended to a safe strength and the blue light will cause no damage to the teeth or gums as long as the instructions are followed.

Where Can I Buy This Kit

The Rio Blue Light Kit is available at Boots the Chemist, both in larger high street stores and from their online store

They currently retail this kit for £29.99

Does It Work

The Boots website has a number of customer reviews, generally mixed, some users have reported good results, others reviews vary from no results being seen to minmal whitening.

Its hard to make a proper decision on this product, for every good review, there seems to be an equal number of reviews running the product down.
Guess it is simply a case of paying your money and taking your chance.

The fact that the kit does not use peroxide should sway some buyers.

Find Out More Visit Boots The Chemist

Guaranteed Teeth Whitening

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Originating from the USA over 16 years ago, this kit is currently the best selling kit in the world, The only one of its kind To Boast Full government approval, it offers safe, and effective teeth whitening with none of the side effects of some other lesser kits.

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