Smile4You Bring Dr Georges Dental White To The UK

Smile4You Bring Dental White To The UK

UK based teeth whitening specialists Smile4you are the UK’s sole Distributor of the USA’s best selling teeth whitening kit Dr Georges Dental White.

What Is Dental White

Launched in The USA over 16 years ago, Dental White was the brainchildsmile4you-dental-white-kits of one of the USA’s most respected Dental Surgeons – A Dr George Madray.

He wanted to offer tooth whitening to the masses at an affordable price and developed his home whitening kit using exactly the same ingredients and methods that both he and thousands of other dentists use in their surgeries.

The resulting kit-aptly called Dr Georges Dental White has gone on to sell in its millions and is the preferred choice of many professional Cosmetic Dental surgeons.

Smile4You are proud to be the only distributor of this fine kit to the UK and Europe.

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What Is In The Dental White Kit

The kit contains everything that you need to whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in as little as 14 days.

The key element of any kit is the whitening gel, this kit uses Carbamide Peroxide gel at a strength of 16% concentration. – This is strong enough to whiten your teeth quickly, but not so strong as to cause any teeth sensitivity. – Often a major problem with stronger gels

buy-dental-whiteThe kit also includes two warm and form teeth trays, these are fully customisable so they can me made to suit and fit your mouth perfectly, all you do is place the trays in warm water for a few seconds, then put in your mouth and push and mould the trays to fit your teeth, as the trays cool, they take on and retain the shape of your mouth. It’s a simple operation and can be done in a minute or two

The other components of the kit are an application syringe and full detailed instructions.

Is The Kit Approved

Dental White is the only kit in the world to hold full FDA approval; its USA based manufacturing plant is inspected by the FDA every two years to ensure that everything in the kit is safe and of a high standard.

The kit also complies with recent EU rulings that affect the supply of home teeth whitening kits; This product is both made by, and supplied by a Dental Surgeon.

No Other Tooth Whitening Kit Can Claim This.

 Largest Amount Of Gel Of Any Kit

 Dental White contains 120mls of whitening gel (up to 10 times more than other kits), this is sufficient for up to 200 applications, and with a shelf life of 2 years, offers fantastic value for money.

Media Coverage

Dental White has been the subject of numerous TV and other media Unknownreviews, most notably is the Oprah Winfrey Show in the USA where it has been featured numerous times, and here in the UK, Channel 5’s Diet Doctors ran a feature on the kit. Most national papers including the Daily Mail and lifestyle magazines such as Love It and Wired magazine have all featured and recommended the kits.

How Does Dental White Work

 The first part of the process is the removal of moisture from your teeth, as this leaves the micro pores in the teeth; the active ingredient in the gel enters the enamel, and by using the process of oxidation alters the coloured compounds inside the enamel to a colourless state. This process does not harm the enamel.

Initial results are usually immediate and tests and trials have proved that up to 11 shades of whiteness can be achieved in

Benefits Of Dr Georges Dental White

  •  Officially Approved
  • Guaranteed To Work – Or Your Money Back
  • Safe and Easy To Use
  • Fast Results within 30 minutes
  • Teeth 11 Shades Whiter In 14 days

 Where Can I Buy Dental White

smile4youhomepageDental White is sold in the UK and throughout Europe by Smile4you, they sell the kits directly from their official website.

The kits are well priced:currently £26.99 for the basic kit, there are other optional accessories and packages that can enhance and speed your whitening experience – see website for details.

Whiten Your Teeth By Up To 11 Shades In 14 Days

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