Review Of Nu White Teeth Whitening Kit

Nu White Teeth Whitening Kit

 This Page Was Dedicated To Our Review On Nu White’s Teeth Whitening Kit.

Regretfully  recent changes in EU regulations concerning high strength whitening gels has rendered the Nu White kit illegal for sale in the UK and EU

Before You Click Off, Have A Look At Another Great Kit;

Government Approved Teeth Whitening

Dr Georges Dental White has been the USA’s number 1 teeth whitening kit for over 15 buy-dental-whiteyears, it is now supplied to UK and European customers exclusively by UK specialists Smile4you.

Made And Supplied by the man responsible for its development – respected USA Dentist Dr George Madray

This kit has been sold in its thousands for over 16 years, it is also the preferred choice of many professional cosmetic dentists and clinics.

The kit provides everything you need to whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in just 14 days.

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The kits uses government approved carbamide peroxide whitening gel at a safe strength of 16% (the same gel as used by most dental surgeons), buyers also get a set of customisable teeth trays, application syringe and full easy to follow instructions.

The treatment time for Dr Georges Dental White is 30 minutes, with often immediately visible results. Users can expect an increase up to 11 shades of whiteness after using this for 2 weeks.

Value For Money

With many kits you only get 3 x 3ml syringes of gel, usually enough for around 18-20 treatments allowing for 0.5ml per treatment.

With the Kit supplied by smile4you you get a massive 120mls of whitening gel, enough for over 240 treatments

How Much Is The Dental White Kit

smile4you(1)The Smile4You starter Kit retails at around £26.99, there are also some optional accessories available that can both speed and enhance the whitening process.

When you add to this the fact that you have enough product to keep your teeth white for up to 2 years without buying more gel, you can see the benefits of buying from smile4you.

Smile4you charge £2.99 for postage to UK (they charge £5.99 to Europe) and also give a full 14 day money back guarantee, – twice the guarantee period currently provided by other products.

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And enjoy whiter teeth quicker than you ever hope for!!

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