Pola Night Teeth Whitening Supplied By Happy Smile


Polanight Review

Uk based Happy Smile market the teeth whitening kits made by Pola Night.

They are a dental grade home whitening kit comprising Carbamide peroxide whitening gel in a choice of gel strengths, mouth trays and full instructions.cherry-hill-teeth-whitening-sdi-pola-night

The gel strengths offered are 10% (for really sensitive teeth) 16% (probably the best all round strength for effective whitening) and 22% (possibly a bit strong for some peoples teeth)

Are The Kits Any Good.

Without a doubt these kits are really effective at whitening your teeth, the choice of gels is very sensible, for most people we would recommend the 16% strength.

With each kit you get 10 syringes of gel (each containing around 5mls ) which is usually sufficient around 40 – 60 treatments, application teeth trays and full instructions.

These kits currently retail for £ 59.99

Returns Policy

The Happy Smile website is very vague about any guarantees or return and refund policy.

Our Thoughts On Pola Night By Happy Smile

Being totally honest these kits are really good, if we could find anything negative to say about them, it would be two things;

They do not appear to have FDA or other official approvals which is a sign that a product has been tried, tested and officially approved.

Our other comment would be value for money. At just under £60 for a kit containing 50ml of gel, this works out at around £0.73p per treatment which is quite expensive when compared to others.

Pola Night can be bought from the Happy Smile Website

But Can I Get Better Value For Money

There are other kits out there that offer exactly the same products as Pola Night but also hold official approvals and also offer much better value for money.

One such Kit is the one retailed by UK Based Smile4You.

They are the UK’s sole distributor of Dr Georges Dental White, this product from the USA has been established for over 14 years, it has been sold worldwide in its millons, and is the preferred choice of many professional dentists.

smile4you-dental-white-kitsThe kit comprises customisable teeth trays, Carbamide peroxide whitening gel at a sensible 16% strength and full instructions.

The Most Gel Of Any Teeth Whitening Kit

Where this kit really scores is that you get a massive amount of gel, at 120ml it is the largest quantity of gel supplied by any home kit. With a shelf life of two years, it provides enough gel for up to 240 treatments.

At £0.12p per treatment, it offers great value for money

Smile4You retail the Dr Georges Dental White kit for £26.99 with some optional accessories available at extra cost that will enhance and speed the whitening process

Dr Georges Dental White is the only kit to be fully FDA approved

It comes with a full 14 day cash back guarantee

Find Out More About Dr Georges Dental White.

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