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smile4you packUk Based Smile4You, have been featured in the Daily Mail today, they are the UK’s sole supplier of the world famous Dr Georges Dental White Teeth whitening kit.

Of all the teeth whitening kits tested, despite one query, the kits featured really well and came out top of all the kits tested with a 7 out of 10 rating.

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The only comment with the kit was with the mouth trays, these have to be thermoformed to suit your mouth, this is done by placing the trays in the hot water and then when soft, placing them on the teeth and allow to cool slightly. As they cool they take and retain the shape of the teeth giving you trays that suit and fit your teeth.

The Author of the report didnt feel that they were that easy to form. Most users have reported no problems, we understand that the author is a Harley Street Cosmetic Dental surgeon. Our thoughts are that maybe there is a chance that he wanted to rubbish home kits generally in favour of £500 per time trips to his clinic!

Our own research and trials with this product agree with the masses

Many satisfied thousands of users worldwide!!

This product has been the number 1 teeth whitener in America for over 14 years and is the choice of many thousand of Americans along with professional cosmetic dentists across the country.

Its active Gel is exactly the same as that used in dental surgeries worldwide, and is proven to give almost immediate results.

The kits have a shelf life of up to two years and can be used time and time again to maintain the white smile that you white teeth smilehave all craved.

The informative smile4you website will answer all your questions about this remarkable product and you can purchase from their discreet on-line store.

At around £27 for the kit, teeth whitening has never been so affordable or reliable

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