Review Of Dr Collins Teeth Whitening Kit

Dr Collins Teeth Whitening Kit


Dr Collins teeth whitening is an American home whitening kit based on a rather industry standard Carbamide peroxide gel with warm and form teeth trays.

It has been available for around 4 years

It comes supplied with a choice of gel strengths, 10% for very sensitive teeth, a good dr-collins-all-white-bleaching-systemaverage strength of 16% and a strong 22% (which can produce sensitivity in some people)

The kits are supplied with customisable teeth trays, these are first placed into warm water to soften, when soft they are placed over the users teeth to take the shape of the gums and teeth. Once cooled they will retain the mould of the teeth, and are then ready for use. The gel is applied sparingly into the trays which are then worn over the teeth for a period of time.

The manufacturers recommend wearing the trays overnight for the weakest 10% gel, from 1 to 4 hours for the mid range 16% and up to an hour with the strongest 22% gel.

What Do I Get In Each Kit

Each Kit contains a set of teeth trays, 4 syringes containing 5mls of Gel each (20 ml In total) and full instructions. Each kit has sufficient gel for around 40 treatments

Do They Work

Most definitely, the gel supplied with these kits is the same as used in most professional dental surgeries, all strengths will whiten your teeth, the weakest will take over a week to show any real change, the mid range will show In around 7 days and the strongest can show a change within an hour.

What About Return Policy and Official Approvals

The suppliers of Dr Collins advertise a cash back guarantee if the product fails to satisfy, but they do not make it clear just how long this guarantee is for. Other returns (cancelled orders etc) should be made within 7 days

With regard to approval, most actual whitening gels up to 16% strength are approved regardless of product, but as for this actual product itself we cannot find details of any FDA approval

How Much Does It Cost

The kits are currently available to buy on line from for £29.99 plus £2.99 postage

Our Conclusion

A nice effective kit, but we have a couple of negatives; The apparant lack of full FDA approval raises a few concerns, and the actual value for money is not (In our opinion) that great. At around £30 for 20mls of Gel, it actually works out at around £0.75p per treatment.

Better Value

Probably the best value kit all round is the Dr Georges Dental White kit, this is supplied by UK based Smile 4you who are the only official supplier of this product in the UK and Europe.

smile4you-dental-white-kitsEstablished over 14 years ago in the USA, this dental quality kit has been sold in its thousands, and is also used by many cosmetic dental surgeons across the USA.

The kit is similar to the Dr Collins Kit, 16% Carbamide peroxide gel, customisable teeth trays and full instructions.

There are however some other plus points that do make this kit the most attractive to buy and use.

The amount of gel you get for the cost is amazing, Currently retailing at £26.99 plus £2,99 postage you get a massive 120mls of Gel, which is enough for around 240 treatments. Each treatment costs around £0.12p and with a shelf life of around two years, this has to be the best value for money kit around.

Whats More;

Smile4you have full FDA approval for their product and the certificate can be seen on the official website They are one of the only suppliers who can totally state that they are 100% FDA and SCCP approved.

They also give a full 14 day cash back guarantee on their products.

Find Out More

Visit Smile4You Official Website