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Review Of Teeth Whitening4You Home Whitening Kits

Teeth whitening4you advertise their home teeth whitening kits on their simple website, they advertise their kits as the cheapest kits available in the UK.

From £7.75 plus vat and £2.25 postage, their kits contain a small 10ml syringe of whitening gel at either 22% or 35% strength Carbamide peroxide gel.

They also supply 3 teeth trays, instructions and a carry case for the trays.

Do These Kits Workteeth whitened

There is absolutely no doubt that these kits will whiten your teeth, that said the gel supplied is stronger than the safe levels approved by the FDA (anything over 16% strength is not approved) and will almost certainly cause sensitivity in a lot of cases,

The kits do not appear to be certified or approved in any way

The quantity of gel supplied is small, probably sufficient for about 20 applications or so.

Guarantees And Return Policy

The terms and conditions state a 14 day cash back policy, however, reading the small print, by the time they take off a quoted £6 charge for admin charges and postage and any deductions for missing components, we believe that you would be lucky to receive any monies back.

We Would Recommend

smile4youThat you consider looking elsewhere, there are many products available out there, none are as cheap to buy as this kit, but for around £27 you can buy one of the best teeth whitening kits out there; Dr Georges Dental White is probably the worlds number 1 home whitening kit, it has been available for over 14 years and has been sold in its millions.

UK based company Smile4You have the sole distribution rights here in the UK and Europe and sell this fantastic product online for £24.99.

Dr Georges Dental White is one of only a handful of kits to have full FDA approval, the gel supplied with these kits is at 16% strength, strong enough to give quick and effective whitening results without the risk of sensitivity in most cases.

The amount of gel supplied with these kits is amazing; at 120ml, it is the largest amount of gel supplied with ANY home kit. Sufficient for up to 240 applications and with a shelf life of two years, it is easy to get and to keep the whitest teeth with this product.

Smile4you also offer a full 14 day cash back guarantee, but with none of the conditions or deductions as above

The smile4you website is really informative, it details clinical trials, has full information on its FDA approval (you can see and download the certification) and lists the optional extras that you can use to enhance your teeth whitening experience.

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