Is Whitening Toothpaste A Waste Of Money

Whitening Toothpastes Don’t Work – Official

Go to any award ceremony, or in fact anywhere that celebrities might be seen and what’s the singularly most common thing about them? – They all have dazzling white teeth… Even contestants on TV reality shows have their teeth whitened before being allowed onto our screen.white teeth

Its little wonder that around 40% of us are unhappy with the colour of our teeth, however with the cost of having professional teeth whitening treatments in our local surgery rising well above £200 (and in some city centres considerably more) its little wonder that more and more people are looking at whitening their teeth at home.

If you look through your local pharmacy or supermarket, you will find a massive range of ‘whitening’ toothpastes, all claiming to reduce staining and make your teeth whiter than white.

But Do They Work?

Sales of teeth whitening toothpastes are well in excess of £63 million in the UK alone, and its little wonder as the cost of these toothpastes are around 300% cheaper than professional whitening.

The Daily Mail commissioned a study into the top 6 whitening toothpastes and the results were nothing short of staggering.

Many adverts promise results of up to 3 shades whiter, but it has been discovered that only around 39% of users enjoyed results anywhere near this figure, in fact up to 43% saw no improvement whatsoever and some in fact found that their teeth become darker.

oral b 3d whiteRecently Arm and Hammer were forced to remove an advert involving TV presenter Katy Hill after they were found to have made exaggerated claims about their product, Oral B also fell foul of the authorities after it was found to have used digital trickery to alter the appearance of Holly Willoughby’s teeth in an advert for their 3D White Brilliance toothpaste.

The Toothpastes tested by the Daily Mail Were:

Arm & Hammer Advanced Whitening Toothpaste (£2.60, 75ml) – claims to ‘remove stains…and buff the teeth into a brighter, whiter smile’.

SwissDent Xtreme Whitening Toothpaste (£9.70, 50ml) – says it ‘penetrates even the tiniest fissures to produce perfect bleaching results’.

Oral B 3D White Enamel Protect (£3.49, 75ml) – claims to ‘whiten the front, back and visible surfaces between teeth’.

Beverly Hills Natural Whitening Expert (£3.49, 75ml) – makes the incredible claim that it can ‘remove stains in just one minute’.

BlanX Intense Stain Removal (£6.50, 75ml) – says it ‘restores teeth to their original natural whiteness’.

Rembrandt Complete Whitening Mint (£8.31, 50ml) – claims to be ‘clinically proven to whiten teeth beyond surface stains with daily brushing’.

The tests were carried out at the Welbeck Clinic in London, the test subjects – (all women) had their natural teeth colour assessed beforehand using an official whiteness chart. They then simply used the toothpaste for a month before returning to be re-assessed.

How Did The Toothpastes Do?

After a month, not one of the test subjects revealed any visible change in whiteness.

The manufacturers have all complained, stating that the tests were unfair as their products had only been tested on a small percentage of users, but the facts remain – not one subject saw any improvement, which simply means –For The Majority Of Us These toothpastes do not work.

So if whitening toothpastes are not the answer….

What can you do to whiten your teeth if you cannot afford to pay out the high prices charged by Professional Dentists.?

Invest In A Good Home Teeth Whitening Kit

A good quality home teeth whitening kit will use the exact same methods and materials as found in home teeth whitening kityour dental surgery, recent law changes have outlawed dangerous over strength kits so you are now left with approved dental grade kits that can offer improvements in whiteness of up to 11 shades of whiteness in as little as 2 weeks.

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