Whiter Than White Teeth Whitening Kit

Professional Teeth Whitening From Whiter Than White

The ‘Whiter than White Teeth whitening kit, works very much along the lines of the treatment found in most Dental surgeries.

It has been featured in the media including Daily Express, The Times and the Sunday Mail.Whiter-Than-White_60549_image

The kit is acknowleded as an effective way to whiten your teeth.

Different to Some Other Whitening Kits

It uses Dental grade bleaching gel, and comes in two strengths, standard and one for sensitive teeth.

The main difference with this kit is in its bleaching trays, buyers get hand made trays made by the technicians at the Whiter Than White laboratory,

The Kit is bought from the Whiter than White on-line store, buyers receive the kit in two parts.

Part one contains all that is required to make a cast or mould of your teeth, that includes impression putty, and an impression tray and an insructional CD rom. When you have made the moulds of your teeth, these are returned to the manufacturers in order for them to make your personal treatment trays. The trays once made are returned to the buyer along with part two of the kit which contains the whitening gel, applicator tips, whiteness comparison chart and further instructions.

The Gel supplied is at 16% strength which is comparable to the gel used at the dentists, for people with sensitive teeth a milder gel at 11% can be  supplied.

There is no doubt that this is a good professional kit, that said the cost at around £100 will be quite prohibitive for many buyers.

Whiter Than White can be bought online from the manufacturers website.

Are There Any Alternative Products

One product that compares in almost every way is the kit sold by Smile4you.

Smile4you are the uk’s official supplier of the world famous Dr Georges Dental White. This has been the number 1 teeth whitening kit in the USA for over 14 years, used by thousands of Americans and many professional Dental surgeries across the USA,  this kit is most certainly the one to beat.

dental-white1Buyers are supplied with special teeth trays that are heated in hot water and then placed onto the teeth so that you can make your own customised trays, as they cool they take the form of the teeth and voila!! you have your very own unique teeth whitening trays.

The kit uses dental grade whitening gel at a good strength (16% strength)  suitable for all teeth types, the kit has a shelf life of two years so can be used many times

The Dr Georges Dental White is also a fraction of the cost of professional dental whitening treatment, at around £27 it is also way cheaper than some of the lesser kits on the market.

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