How To Win A Free Teeth Whitening Kit

Win A Botanical White Teeth Whitening Kit With

Teeth whitening specialists Botanical White have joined forces with expectant mothers lifestyle website to give away 10 of their effective home teeth whitening kits over the coming botanical white netmumsmonth.

Visitors to will be able to enter a simple competition to try and win one of these proven home teeth whitening kits.

The Botanical White kit is perfect for those who are expecting, it contains no harmful chemicals or peroxide bleach products, its formulation consists of Sodium Bicarbonate along with a mix of plant and fruit extracts that have been proven to whiten users teeth by as much as 11 shades of white in around 14 days.

safe teeth whitening with botanical whiteProven to be gentle, safe and with none of the side effects (teeth sensitivity) associated with some peroxide based kits, Botanical White is the perfect choice.

Even if you enter and fail to win one of these kits, with professional teeth whitening costing upwards of £200, the kits made by Botanical white offer fantastic value at around £30.00 for up to 150 treatments.

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