Overnight White Teeth Whitening Stick

Just How Effective Is The Overnight White Stick?

We have heard quite a bit about the Overnight Teeth Whitening Stick – made by UK based Tower Health, its been getting some decent press recently and wanting to find out just what the fuss has all been about, so we ordered one and checked it out.Overnight-White-Teeth-Whitening-Stick-189282

What Is Overnight White Teeth Whitening Stick

The stick is sold as a professional grade whitening stick that helps to remove stubborn staining and boosts whiteness.

The treatment is quick and easy to apply accurately to help reduce even the most stubborn stains. There are no teeth moulds with this kit, all you do is simply apply the special whitening gel to the teeth and let it go to work.

How It Works

The design of the stick (its about the size and shape of  small ball point pen) allows you to apply the gel directly to the teeth, application is quick and simple.

When applied to the teeth the gel forms a light, transparent membrane, as saliva comes into contact with the gel, peroxide of hydrogen is gradually released.

This compound gradually penetrates that surface of the teeth, oxidizing and removing staining to leave the teeth naturally whiter.

The Overnight White Stick has actually been evaluated by the ‘powers that be’ and has been officially classed as a type 1A medical treatment.

Our Thoughts

$_35Quick and easy to use; for us, this did not produce the same results as some of our top rated whitening kits, but there was a definite reduction of staining and and increase in whiteness – and its so easy to use –

Its something that you could literally take with you and use when and wherever you are for a quick whitening ‘touch up’

Where To Buy

Tower Health Sell Overnight White From their on line store, the pen costs £17.95 each.

you can save £10.00 by ordering 2 (one for you and one for your partner) for just £25.90

Each pen lasts for around 8 weeks and is protected by Tower Health’s full money back guarantee

Why Not Give The Overnight White Stick A Try?

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