Smile4You Teeth Whitening Special Offer

Latest Teeth Whitening Special Offer From Smile4You

UK Teeth Whitening Specialists Smile4You have just released details of their latest teeth Whitening Package, Their package provides everything possible to safely and quickly whiten your teeth in the privacy of your own home.

The Smile4You Express Whitening and Aftercare Package includes the following:

  • 120mls of FDA approved whitening Gel (sufficient for over 200 applications)
  • Pair of customisable teeth application trays
  • Blue Light Assembly (to speed the whitening process)
  • 2 syringes of  remineralisation gels (strengthens and protects the enamel)
  • Applicator Syringe
  • Full Instructions

With a recommended price of £79.94, the package offers astounding value – Now On Sale for the price of £36.97 buyers can benefit from a saving of over 50%!!.

dental white express whitening and aftercare

Dental White by Smile4you is the worlds best selling teeth whitening kit, developed in the USA over 16 years ago, it has sold in its millions worldwide, and is used by thousands of professional dentists  in their surgeries.

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Dental white is currently the ONLY kit in the world to have complete FDA approval which is the US governments official assurance of the kits safety and effectiveness.

Dental White will whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in a little as 14 days.

Dont Miss Out On This Special Offer – Pay Just £36.97!!

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