Are On Line Teeth Whitening Kits Banned?

European Ruling Bans On-line Sales Of Overstrength Teeth Whitening Kits

A Which media reports advise us that On-line retailers such as Amazon and Ebay have agreed to remove any advertisments or websites selling overstrength Teeth Whitening kits.

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A European Union ruling adopted last year bans the sale of products that contain and use hydrogen peroxide olady dentistf a strength that exceeds 0.1% concentration for fear of causing burns or harm to the mouth of the users.

The Which Report is actually rather one sided, 1800 people were involved in the survey/report, only 32 of them had actually bought whitening kits online. Not one of them mentoned any danger with these kits.

We understand that there are many professional dentists that actually use bleaches exceeding these strengths, but Which seem to only have targeted home whitening kits and have possibly chosen to ignore this fact..

The fact is that this law is almost certainly outdated, Most dentists use gels over this strength.. which the report failed to point out..

Hydrogen Peroxide is a bleaching compound found in some inferior kits, as a bleaching agent it is very harsh and can cause damage to teeth, lips and gums.

There Are Safe And Approved Kits Available

Fortunately this should not affect some of the more mainstream teeth whitening kits, kits that use carbamide peroxide should be safe, as long as users keep to kits that use gels of 16% strength or less.

Gels of this strength are fully approved by the FDA as safe for home use.

Kits with Gels of a  strength higher than 16% should be avoided as they are not approved by the FDA

One such kit is the one sold by Uk Based Smile4You. They are the recognised supplier of Dr Georges Dental White, this is the number one kit in America, it has been available for 15 years and has been proven to be safe and has sold in its millions.

Dr Georges Dental White is one of the only Home Teeth Whitening Kits To Have complete asmile4you safe teeth whiteningnd Full FDA approval,

They are The ONLY manufacturers website to display their certification which can be downloaded from their website.

Countless Professional Dentists actually use these kits in their surgeries in the states. and the kits offer safe,  side effect free teeth whitening at a cost of around £27, which is a mere fraction of the cost of having the work done in the dental surgery.

Smile4You ship worldwide and offer a full 14 day money back guarantee should for any reason the product fails to satisfy.

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