Teeth Whitening By Teeth Shine

Review Of Teeth Shine

The Home teeth whitening kits supplied by London Based Teeth Shine are another one for users to consider.teeth shine kit

These kits are based around carbamide peroxide gel, the starter kit is supplied with thermoform mouth trays, one syringe of whitening gel (10mls of gel) and full instructions.

Do These Kits Work

Without a doubt these kits will whiten your teeth, the strength of whitening gel supplied is far stronger than those supplied by most dentists, at 36% strength it is actually stronger than the recommended and approved levels set by the FDA.

Gels over 16% strength are often associated with causing sensitivity to the teeth and gums, The very few kits that have full FDA approval only use gels of 16% strength or less. They may take a little bit longer to work but are far less likely to have any side effects.

Are They Value For Money

When you look at the current retail price of £19.99, they do look exceedingly good value, that said, the amount of Gel supplied is actually minimal, probably enough for about 20 applications. They do have offers when buying 2 or more kits.

The suppliers do offer a two week money back guarantee on their product.

You can buy these kits from the official website – teethshine.com

Would We recommend Teeth Shine

As we said above, there is no doubt that these kits work, it is the strength of gel supplied that concerns us; at 36% concentration, it is far higher than the strength approved by the FDA, and used by professional dentists.

We feel that without a doubt, sensitivity as a result of the treatment is a distinct possibility. Also the fact that you will need to buy additional kits quite quickly to maintain the treatment doesnt make them as reasonable as first thought.

Can You Recommend Any Alternatives

There are a lot of effective teeth whitening kits out there, one kit that we can recommend from personal experience is the one supplied by Uk based Smile4You. They have the exclusive distribution rights to one of the most well known and popular home teeth whitening kits available today.

dr georgesDr Georges Dental White was developed over 14 years ago by a professional dentist in the USA. Since then it has gone on to be the USA’s best selling home whitening kit, it has been sold in its millions and is used by countless Dental surgeries across America.

The Kits use a 16% strength gel, strong enough to give quick results without the possibility of side effects for the majority of users. The kits are one of an elite group who actually have full FDA approval and they display the certificate on their informative website for all to see.

The kits sell for £24.99, a little more than the kits by Teeth Shine, but there is 120mls of gel supplied with each kit, enough for over 240 treatments. With a shelf life of two years, buying just one kit will last for ages.

These kits also come with a 14 day money back guarantee

To find out more about Smile4you, why dont you visit the official website, you will find a wealth of information and also hints to succesful home teeth whitening.

Visit Smile4You Website