Special Offer Home Teeth Whitening System

Smile4You Special Complete Care Package

Uk based Smile4you have put together the complete home teeth whitening kit, offering the users everything that is required to get whiter teeth (up to 11 shades whiter) within two weeks.

The Express Whitening and Aftercare Kit Comprises:

  • 1 pack of Smile4You Dental White Gel – sufficient for up to 2oo applications
  • I pair of customisable warm and form teeth trays
  • 1 Gel applicator syringe
  • 1 blue laser light – specially designed to speed the whitening process by up to 50%
  • 2 x Aftercare Gels (to protect against any sensitivity)

express whitening and aftercare

This complete kit is available to buy at the seriously reduced price of £35.97

If bought seperately, this kit would cost £79.94

Smile4You is the only home teeth whitening kit to have full and complete FDA approval, orders are shipped worldwide and come with a 14 day cash back guarantee.

Get A Whiter Smile With Absolute Confidence

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