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With so many ‘cosmetic’ products primarily aimed at women, it is refreshing to see a teeth whitening company offering their product for the mens market.

man with white teethMen Want Whiter Teeth Too!!

With appearance being ever so important, both socially and at the office, the demand for that whiter smile has never been so great.

UK based Nu White manufacture an effective home whitening kit that is ( suitable for both men and (of course) women, their product is similar to many of the other kits currently available in that it comprises customiseable teeth trays, reminerlisation gel to help protect and strengthen the teeth, and the all important whitening gel, this is dental grade carbamide peroxide and it is in the gel is where the subtle difference is, unlike many kits that offer gels that are highly concentrated, they give buyers a choice by offering 3 strengths of gel –

  • 10% concentration for those with sensitive teeth
  • 16% concentration for regular use
  • 22% concentration

if you suffer from teeth sensitivity, we would recomend that you use the 10% concentratinu white teeth whitening for menon, it is far more gentle on the teeth and less likely to cause any problems.

For most users, we would recommend that the 16% concentration be the one to choose, it is powerful enough to whiten your teeth quickly and efficiently, but it should not cause too much in the way of irritation.  (that said, any sensitivity caused by this strength is almost always very short lived)

The 22% strength is powerful, it will whiten teeth quickly, but is likely to cause sensitivity

As a note of guidance, the FDA in the USA have set a recommended maximum strength of 16% concentration for any kits looking for their official approval.

It does not mean that gels over this concentration are illegal, it just highlights the risk of side effects and sensitivity from using higher strength gels.

The Nu White Kit is simple tnu white teeth whitening for meno use, and full instructions are included.

How Much Does The NU White Kit Cost

The full Kit costs £54.95 in the UK (buyers from USA and Europe will have prices converted at checkout to local currency)

Once you have the full kit, you can buy extra gel as required from the manufacturers

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Nu white are currently offering a buy one , get one free offer, so there is no better time to whiten your smile.

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