Snap On Smile-Do They Really Work

Snap On Smile Review

Featured in the media this week are details of a new product originating from the USA.

Snap On Smile is a rather unique way of achieving instantly perfect straight white teeth, without the need for expensive veneers or implants. Quite a simple procedure, the snap on smile system simply clicks onto your existing teeth to transform your smile.

snap on smileWith implants costing upwards of £800 per tooth and veneers not much cheaper, the ‘snap on smile’ system is at £900 actually quite good value.

Its not just a case of buying the kit and fitting them on, you first need to have a consultation with a supplying dentist, they will need to take a mould of your teeth from which the kit will be made, you can choose from around 23 shades of white, and decide on the shape of the incisor and canine teeth.

As a guide, experts agree that for best natural effect, choose a shade of white that matches the whites of your eyes.

Once this is done, it takes around 3 weeks to get your very own set of ‘Snap on Smile’ teeth back from the makers in California.

The makers say that you can wear them all day and even eat in them, the author of the article said that she tried eating pasta and it didn’t work very well, that said it could well work for some people.

What Do We Think About Snap On Smile?

The snap on system could a good idea for a special occasion, a wedding maybe where you want your smile to be perfect and to stand out in photographs, but long term? We don’t think so.

There Is A More Affordable Way To Get Whiter Teeth

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Smile4You Kits start at around £30, and what’s more, these kits last for 2 years and are supplied with enough whitening gel to enable you to redo the treatment up to 200 times.

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