Whiten Your Teeth While You Tan

Get White Teeth While You Tan This Summer

Introducing Twilight Teeth

There is not often that a product is truly one of its kind, but Twilight Teeth from makers Australian Gold is just that; It is twilight teetha cleverly designed whitening system that revolutionises the way we whiten our teeth.

This unique system is designed to be used both on tanning beds and also outside using the suns natural UV rays to whiten our teeth while we sunbathe.

The pack contains an applicator wand, one mouth guard and sufficient whitening gel for up to ten uses.

How Does It Work

Users wear the comfortable mouth piece which exposes the teeth to the UV Lights in the salon or the sun by holding the lips open. The active Gel is applied to the teeth with the wand before tanning (this can be used both outside and on tanning beds)

The UV warms the gel and helps it first oxidise and remove the staining before entering the enamel through its micropores and whitening the enamel. Results can be almost immediate.

The Gel used is dental grade carbamide peroxide at 25% strength

Any Side Effects

As with all teeth whitening products, some users may experience mild sensitivity for a couple of days after the treatment, this is usually mild and short lived. One way to avoid any sensitivity is to use an anti-sensitive toothpaste for a couple of weeks prior to using Twilight Teeth.

How Long Does The Effect Last

before and afterThis will depend on the condition and the starting colour of the teeth, but usually the whitening can last up to 6 months.

Where Can I Buy Twilight Teeth


Twlight teeth can be purchased discreetly and securely on-line from Evolution Slimming. Their on-line store offers prompt and free delivery to the UK along with full money back guarantees if any product fails to satisfy.

They currently retail this product for £19.95

Consumer Notice

Twilight Teeth Is No Longer Available To Buy In the UK and EU Due To Recent Changes In EU Regulations.

As a worthy (and probably better) alternative, we can suggest Botanical White... Fully EU compliant, Botanical White is a natural based, non peroxide teeth whitening product that is both highly effective, and safe.

With prices starting from £12.49, Botanical White is certainly one to consider.

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