Get Whiter Teeth With Nova White

Nova White Home Teeth Whitener

Nova White offers a complete range of tooth whitening gels ranging from 22% strength up to 35%. The kits are nova whitesupplied with useful boil and bite application trays for your mouth, a tray case and a syringe for the application along with the gel strength of your choice.

The manufacturers also sell a complete range of accessories enabling you to have total control over the whitening results required. These kits are perfect for someone who is looking to boost their smile and confidence without the expense of going to a dental professional.

Product Information

The Nova White kit comprises

Mint Flavored Gel

The gel supplied has a subtle and pleasant mint flavour, it is supplied in two strengths – between 22% and 35% strength. Gels are supplied in a useful pre-dosed 3ml syringe, it promises to be one of the best teeth whitening products on the market. It also contains the highest quality dental grade Carbamide Peroxide which is the active whitening ingredient in the gel

Tooth Bleaching Trays

Nova White uses bleaching trays that are very similar  to the ones used by professional dentists. They are customized exactly for your own lower and upper teeth, helping to make the whitening process more efficient.

Nova white is supplied in different kits to suit peoples needs. The budget starter kit comes with 3 self forming trays, a tray case, 3 syringes, and a gel applicator tip it retails at just under £50. The premium package, however, will give you six 3ml syringes, three sites of base vinyl polysiloxane putty, two plastic impression trays (so the factory can make your own personalised teeth trays) , two applicator tips, a tray case and two putty spatulas. This kit retails at around £100

Nova White Offers These Benefits


When using Nova White, clients will get the following benefits:
avoids costly return visits to the dentist
It will save you a lot of money,
The products are all manufactured to very high standards,
You can reduce tooth sensitivity by using weaker strength Gel
You retain complete control over the whitening process,
And with the premium package you get customizable mouth trays that are made by the Dental Lab.

Nova White Can be bought directly from the manufacturers website

Our Thoughts

There are many reasons why  Nova White is worth using. It is quite cost effective  when compared to having the work done in a dental surgery, When you do the treatment your self you will have complete control over exactly how white you want your teeth to get.

On The Down Side

The strength of gel is quite high – even the lower strength is still quite high at 22%, while it will without doubt whiten your teeth, for some there could be a period of teeth sensitivity  following use. Our thoughts are that really a strength of around 16% is more favourable, strong enough to work effectively without giving the sensitivity problems of using a stronger gel.

Our Recommendation

For this  reason, we would probably recommend the kit marketed by Smile4you in preference to Nova White

Smile4you offers users the same benefits of the Nova white kit, but with a gel that is just as effective yet of a more smile4youmiddle range strength whch will eliminate certain side effects such as teeth and gum sensitivity. It has been sold for over 14 years to many thousands of satisfied users.

The Smile4you kit retails at around £27 so is certainly better value.

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