Teeth Direct Review


Teeth Whitening By Teeth Direct

This seems to be a new product quite recently appearing on the internet,

teeth directThe product is a Carbamide Peroxide gel based kit that is supplied with teeth trays, instructions and an optional blue light kit that will speed the process.

Straight off, it’s the strength of gel that really caught our attention, at 36% this is probably the strongest gel that we have come across.

This is way over what the FDA approval limits as safe and without a doubt this will cause sensitivity for users.

(The FDA only usually approve gels up to 16% strength)

There is no mention of any approval by any government agency on the website.

What Do I Get For My Money


The website advertises several options, the starter pack suitable for one person is supplied with two teeth trays, one syringe (10ml) of gel and an optional blue light unit.

This currently retails for £19.99  (usually £29.95) with free delivery. To add the blue light to the kit it costs an additional £5.00.

Value for Money


At first impression, this kit is sold at a good price, but when you weigh up exactly what you are getting for your money, it is not great, at 10mls of gel, there is not a lot of gel included, possibly enough for 20 treatments.

They do offer a 7 day return policy for a full refund, but you have to write in first before returning. (All this has to be done within 7 days so it doesn’t leave a lot of time to try the product).

Can We Suggest An Alternative Product


There is no doubt that the Teeth Direct product will whiten your teeth, with the strength gel it uses, it is bound to work – but at what cost?

Sensitivity is in our opinion a dead cert with this product.

We would seriously recommend an alternative; Smile4you retail the USA’s number one whitening kit – Dr Georges Dental White over here in the UK, they are actually the only authorised retailer for this product this side of the Atlantic.

Available for over 14 years, this product is most certainly tried and tested.

This kit comprises an approved 16% strength gel, this is perfectly strong enough to provide effective whitening without sensitivity being a problem.smile4you at home

The Dr Georges kit retails at £24.99 plus £2.99 postage, for your money you get two customisable teeth trays, and a massive 120mls of Gel.

That is enough for 240 treatments, and with a storage life of two years, you can get and keep you teeth white for ages.

This product is one of the only teeth whitening kits to have full FDA approval and they offer a far more sensible 14 days cash back guarantee

Find Out More Yourself

Visit The informative Smile4you Website