Teeth Whitening By The Smile Place

The Smile Place Product Review

The Smile Place advertise their teeth whitening kits on line, They claim to offer a unique product based on treatments similar to those offered by professional dentists.

Buyers are initially sent some teeth moulds along with special impression putty, once the Inside-the-Smile-Brilliant-Tray-Creation-Kitmoulds are taken, these are returned to the factory where ‘dental technicians’ make the special teeth trays to suit your teeth.

Once made, these are returned to the purchaser along with instructions and the whitening Gel all ready to whiten your teeth.

To use, apply gel to the teeth trays and fit onto the teeth, The trays need to be worn then for up to 2 hours, or even overnight.

But Is This Product Any Good??

The website talks the talk, but when you look further into it, the official website gives no real information on the gels, or its strength, they are very unclear about any guarantees, and it seems that they are intent on charging clients for delivery or returns.

They will only (from what we can determine) offer refunds if the goods are supplied faulty, and only if reported within 7 days.

We dont have any doubt that this product will offer some whitening effect, but at £95 it is certainly not cheap, some reports tell us that taking the impressions is not very pleasant, quite a few people experienced gagging and choking when faced with a mouth full of putty.


It is our suggestion that buyers look elsewhere, this product is too expensive, awkward to use (especially in the mould making process) and you have to wear the teeth trays for so long – 2 hours or overnight is longer than most kits, and users would probably be likely to suffer from irritation and teeth sensitivity caused by exposure to the active gel for so long.

What Would You Recommend

There are many good teeth whitening kits out there, however we would wholeheartedly recommend the kit supplied by Smile4You. They are the UK’s only supplier of the world famous teeth whitening kit from the USA called Dr Georges Dental White.

dental-white1This product has been available for over 14 years, it has been sold to many thousand satisfied users across the States and is also used by many professional cosmetic dentists. This kit uses dental grade carbamide peroxide gel at a 16% concentration. This strength is suitable for most users and is unlikely to cause any irritation..Whats more the treatment time is only 30 minutes and results are almost immediate.

The kit includes ‘boil and bite’ teeth trays. Users place the teeth trays in hot water, then once the trays are soft, place in the mouth and bite down and hold gently, as the trays quickly cool they harden and take the shape of the users teeth making permanent personalised trays.

these kits are terrific value, they cost around £25.00, a fraction of the cost of having the work done in a dental surgery, and also far cheaper than most other home whitening kits.

Smile 4You are so confident of this product that they offer a lengthy full cash back guarantee. – Simply put, if you buy the smile4you teeth whitening kit and are not amazed by the results, simply return the kit for a full refund with no questions asked.

Hows that for a risk free purchase!!

For More Information Or To Buy Smile4You’s Teeth Whitening Kit

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