Teeth Whitening Clinics In Manchester

Where To Whiten Your Teeth In Manchester

The Following Dental Clinics provide professional in – clinic teeth whitening services throughout the Manchester area. – Professional Prices start from £199

lady with white teeth


13 Stanley Street


M8 8SH

Tel: (0161) 832 9477

Phone for prices

Dental Clinic

Barlow House

Minshull Street

M1 3DZ


Tel: 08702 20 20 20

Phone for prices

Kings clinic

Suite 3, 49 King Street,

Manchester, M2 7AY.

Tel: 0161 839 5481

Whitening prices from £299

Ultimate Smile Spa

14 St Ann’s Square, Manchester

M2 7HW

0161 831 9670

Whitening prices in house from £295  home kits from  £199

Whiten Your Teeth At Home

If You Prefer To Whiten Your Own Teeth

Consider buying a home whitening kit, their development has come a long way since they first appeared over 15 whiten your own teethyears ago.

A good kit will be a fraction of the cost of having the work done professionally; most good kits use exactly the same methods and ingredients as your dental surgery.

There are so many teeth whitening kits available to buy that it can be a minefield when looking and deciding what kit to buy, to help your search, we have reviewed most kits available to buy, (the reviews are available to read on this website).

From our research, we have formulated a list of what we feel to be the top three teeth whitening kits available to buy.

We have based our findings on the following criteria:

  • Ingredients
  • Official Accreditation And Approvals
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Instructions
  • Ease Of Use
  • Guarantees
  • Price

Top Three Home Teeth Whitening Kits

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