Teeth Whitening Facts

Some Facts About Teeth Whitening

In most countries including the UK; teeth whitening is considered to be a cosmetic treatment and therefore does not have to be carried out by qualified dentists.

badc logoThe British Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry carried out a recent survey that highlighted a few rather interesting facts about Teeth and Teeth Whitening: Approx 32% of the population say that they are “unhappy with the look of their teeth”

(1) Just under a fifth of the population (18%) admit to hiding their teeth when being photographed, of these 19% are men and nearly 25% (of both sexes)who are aged between 18 and 34years old.

(2) Only 25% of all people questioned admit to being happy with their smile, and the amount that said that they would always smile in a photograph dropped down to 20% from 27% the previous year.

(3) Women generally believe that a nice white smile promotes a warm personality while men feel that people with white teeth are usually more successful, both personally and in the business place.

(4) Those with poor or stained teeth were considered to be less clever, not as popular or well adjusted; by comparison, people with whiter teeth were deemed to be more attractive and successful.

Where Can I Get My Teeth Whitened

Teeth Whitening is available at most good Dental Surgeries, many beauty spas and clinics and by purchasing Hometeeth whitening by dentist Teeth Whitening Kits

Whitening procedures at Dental surgeries and clinics do vary in cost, with procedures starting at around £200 and rising up to £800, the work can be quite expensive especially in these tough economic times.

The development of effective home teeth whitening kits has been a godsend for many thousands of people across the world, the best home kits use exactly the same materials and equipment as the types used in the dental surgery, but with a big difference – THE COST. A good kit will cost between £30 – £50 and will give numerous treatments.

But What Home Whitening Kits Are Any Good

We have evaluated many whitening kits (the reviews can be read on this website) from our research; we have put together a list of what we feel to be the best three home kits currently available to buy.

Read Our Report Of The Top Three Home Teeth Whitening Kits

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