Teeth Whitening For Less Than £10

Botanical White Trial Pack

If You Have Considered Teeth Whitening But Maybe Dont Know What To Buy Or Are Put Off By Some Of The High Costs Then We May Have The Answer

With professional teeth whitening services being so expensive, its little wonder that so many of us turn confused about teeth whiteningto home whitening kits to brighten up our smile.

But Where Do We Go? What Do We Buy?

Teeth whitening specialists Botanical White have thought about this and have released a special trial pack that gives you everything you need to whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in less than two weeks.

Their trial pack contains enough product for around 40 treatments (thats more than some full priced kits!!) and will demonstrate just how effective it is at removing stains and whitening our pearly whites.

EU approved – No Sbotanical white trial packide Effects

With so much being made of over strength peroxide based gels and the fact that they can in some cases cause teeth pain and sensitivity, Botanical white is a unique bleach free formula that uses natural ingredients to whiten your teeth – without any side effects.

The trial kits are available direct from Botanical White, orders are shipped worldwide and cost just £12.49

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