Teeth Whitening Kits And Ebay UK

Ebay UK  Stops Selling Teeth Whitening Kits

On Line auction company Ebay.co.uk, have decided to stop selling or allowing companies to sell home teeth whitening kits through their .co.uk website.ebay-logo-02

Recent concerns over the safety of certain kits available for sale on both Ebay and Amazon have resulted in both companies withdrawing these products.

This does not mean that all Home Teeth Whitening Kits are unsafe

The FDA of the USA evaluate all health and beauty products, they determine which are safe and those that are not. They have set a safe level for teeth whitening gel of no more than 16% concentration, any more than this could result in side effects for the users, including teeth and gum sensitivity and in the cases of some gels, the possibility of burns to the lips, gums and tongue.

fda-logo-100044308-galleryThe majority of teeth whitening kits on Ebay used gels that exceeded the safe levels set out by the FDA, in fact some kits used Gels of over 35% concentration. These were almost certainly going to cause users problems and side effects.

One highly respected kit that used to be sold on Ebay was the kit supplied by Smile4You, they are the approved retailers for Dr Georges Dental White home teeth whitening kit.

Originating from the USA, and complying fully with the stringent guidelines set out by the FDA, this kit has been available for over 14 years, has been sold in its millions and has an impeccable safety record.

The Company had a highly ranked rating on Ebay, the customer feedback was 3537 with a 99.9% positive score.

The Gel used in Dr Georges Dental White is set at 16% strength, this is strong enough to1 effectively whiten the teeth (proven results say up to 11 shades whiter), it is not likely to produce any adverse side effects.

In Fact Smile4You and Dr Georges Dental White are the ONLY teeth whitening kit to be FULLY FDA APPROVED, and display their certificate on their website.

If you are looking to whiten your teeth quickly, efficiently and most importantly SAFELY, look no further than Smile4You, their website provides details on all clinical trials, approvals and a wealth of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Whats more, at under £30 you get the largest amount of whitening gel of any other product, enough for up to 240 applications.

Get that Gleaming White Smile You Desire Without Having  To Pay The Earth For It.

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