The Rainforest Cure For Toothache

Plant That Cures Toothache

Having  a bad toothache is like no other pain, especially with an infection under the tooth or with impacted wisdom teeth, anybody who has experienced this will know only too well just how miserable it can make you feel.

 Amazonian Remedy

A rare red and yellow plant from the depths of the Amazon rainforest could well be the answer, and natural pain relief frm amazonhas shown pain relieving properties that could, Scientists tell us, offer more effective pain relief that regular drugs,

Cambridge Anthropologist Dr Francoise Barbira Freedman discovered the plant (called Achmella Oleracea) over 30 years ago when visiting secretive Peruvian tribes. She started to suffer pain from impacted wisdom teeth and miles from any civilisation, spoke to the tribes medicine man.

He gave her a remedy and within a few minutes, the pain had all but gone away.

It was years later, when asked to provide a list of natural rainforest remedies that she remembered the incident and added the plant to the bottom of the list.

Somehow the list was reversed, the plant was the first one to be tried and tested and now scientists are working on putting the plants extract into a pain relieving gel.

The plants extract has properties that block the pain receptors in nerve endings, the gel, currently under development, could be available for use within two years and it has been hoped that it could revolutionise dental care.

The gel is considered perfect for rubbing on babies gums to reduce discomfort during teething and also more efficient than standard anaesthetic used in surgery for patients that require extensive (and painful) scale and polishing.

Peruvian dentists have trialled the extract during dental procedures including teeth removal have also praised its affects.

With a couple of years more testing to come before becoming available, when the product is finally released for use, Dr Freedman has pledged to share any profits with the Peruvian community that gave her some welcome relief those 30 years ago.