The Safe Way To Whiten Your Teeth

Whiten Your Teeth At Home Safely

With all the media interest in Teeth whitening kits at the moment, the burning question is:

Is Teeth Whitening At Home Safe?

To be frank, this depends on the materials and/or the kit used. The real things to consider when looking at home teeth get white teethwhitening are:

Is The Product Approved?

Does It Have A Proven Track Record?

Does It Have Any Official Certification?

What Gel Strength Is Used In These Kits?

Can I Physically Talk To An Advisor About Any Concerns I May Have.?

What Gurantees Are Offered On Purchases.?

One truly effective Kit available to buy on-line is Dr Georges Dental White, originating from the USA, it has been on sale for over 14 years and has been sold in its millions worldwide. The preferred choice of many professional cosmetic dentists, this kit really is one you can trust..

Exclusively sold on-line bySmile4You, this product can satisfy all the above questions:

(1) Is The Product Approved

tickYes, Dr Georges Dental White is one of only a handful of Kits to have achieved Full FDA Aproval

(2) Does It Have a Proven Track Record

tickYes, In over 14 years there have been no cases of any harm being caused by the use of this kit.

(3) Does It Have Official Certification

tickYes, Smile4You are the ONLY supplier to display their FDA approval certificate on their website.

The certificate is available for download as a pdf if required

View FDA Approval Certificate

(4) What Gel Strength Is Used In These Kits

tickDr Georges Dental White uses Carbamide Peroxide at a sensible 16% strength, this is strong enough to effectively whiten your teeth, but in 99.9% of cases, will not cause any teeth sensitivity.

This is a problem with many kits available to buy online, we have seen gels of up to 35% on offer.

Gels over 16% strength are not approved by the FDA

(5) Can I Physically talk To An Advisor About Any Concerns I May Have

tickYes,  Unlike many other manufacturers who just offer contact by email , Smile4You can be contacted directly by telephone, their knowledgable staff can easily and quickly answer any questions or concerns that you may have

smile 4 you pack(5) What Guarantees Are Offered On Purchases

tickSmile4You offer a full 14 day returns and money back guarantee, with no questions asked.. If you find that the product doesnt deliver, simply return within 14 days for a full refund.

Answers to these and many more questions and information can be found on the official Smile4You Website.

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